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Thursday, June 2, 2011


We have found that the lovely little villages in the Chilterns that you see on Midsomer Murders are hidden in little corners and you have to go looking for them.
They are tucked behind bigger, busier towns that service the area.
This is the village of Denham - we think the prettiest we have seen around here.
First, we stopped off for Sunday lunch at The Falcon, then we went for a walk.

Come and join us.

The country lanes are narrow - only room for one car..........


...past lovely houses draped with climbing roses ......

..another pub with its Summer flowering pots in place.

Out the back is a pretty Beer Garden with a grassed area for children to play in.

More houses with climbing roses and vines.

Further along we came upon the house that was once owned by the actor John Mills draped with an ancient Wisteria.

Down another lane and yet another pub, Beer Garden out the front this time......

a quiet spot to sit......

The village church ( yes, as seen in Midsomer Murders when Culley was married )

.....and here's an English country garden.

Want to take a closer look?

Step closer.


Peek though the bushes.

Lovely isn't it?
Back to the car and off home.

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  1. I want that Hobbit house with the moss covered roof. You have a fabulous itinerary. I would love to see how you laid it all out when you get back home. Don't let me miss it...

  2. Looks lovely - not somewhere I have ever visited but now I might like to have a look for myself! That photo of you sitting in the middle of that little green made me smile!

  3. I'm so glad you are seeing a great variation of what our little country has to offer.
    I grew up not far from Denham and know the places you showed.
    Very English isn't it? :-D

  4. Wow - I LOVVVVVE the houses in these photos. What a beautiful place. I love the wisteria and the classic rooftops, wish I got to visit now! :)

  5. Beautiful photographs. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Wow gorgeous photos, they didn't show up on my iPad while I was away.
    Makes me want to go back again.

  7. Best crime show and best scenery ever!