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Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I've been surfing around the blogging world looking at a few new blogs and I came upon this blog.
It's quite interesting. It appears that it is all about making lists.
I thought I would join in this one.

"So here's this week's list challenge....

What have YOU learned from a place you once visited? (Either another county or another state....or maybe even your own culture...) "

So here's my list compiled as a result of our recent holiday in England.

1. People everywhere are friendly ... especially if you tell them how much you like their country.

2. Weather can be changeable so be prepared  - always have a jacket and an umbrella.

3. The locals that you speak to - like the people behind the bar at your local pub - know all the best places to see... and a few that are not in the guide books.

4. Shopping at local supermarkets is a lot of fun.

5. Joining National Trust and English Heritage allows you to visit lots of fantastic historical sites and stately homes

Dunster Castle

Cliveden House
 Four visits to NT properties and you've recouped your membership cost , the rest are free

6. Driving is easy on M roads if you stay away from inside and outside lanes - the one in the middle is a safe alternative .

Trucks stay in the left hand lane and cars traveling VERY fast occupy the right hand lane.

Watch out for white vans - they're all driven by madmen

7. A SAT-NAV device ( we have a TomTom ) is worth its weight in gold. It takes all the worry out of driving and allows you to see the countryside without having your head buried in a map . Saves marriages too !!

8. Visit cities and towns but stay in villages.

Westminster Abbey, London

Paddington Station - the ipod app for London Underground is an amazing help.

The countryside is lovely and it's where you'll have a better chance of meeting people.

9. Try a country walk.

There are thousands and the system of Public Footpaths is unique in the world.

10. Cream teas are a specialty.

Have one at every opportunity.

DeGrey's, Ludlow

 Clotted cream is devine!


Edit: I have changed naming of  the lanes around to the correct names so that no-one drives in the wrong lane because of information on my blog ( see Comments ). Don't want to cause any accidents !!


  1. You have out done yourself today on this one. I agree 100% with all your tips. Our favorite is to always as a local for the best place in the village to eat. Don't rely on travel books for those hidden secrets. I have never driven in England... but have in Italy. They do drive like madmen over there. But, then again they do drive like that in some {southern} states here.....

    By the way, your birthday quilt will provide a lot of love for many years to come.

    Have I told you and Tony how glad I am to have you back home safely.

  2. Fantastic post and very helpful and informative as we'll be visiting the Europe and the U.K. next year.
    I'm looking forward to devine English teas and lot's of country walks to burn off the clotted cream calories. :)
    Have a fab day,
    Anne xx

  3. You're right! Clotted cream is devine!
    Nice picture of Dunster Castle!
    I must ask did you go into Minehead or just Minehead Tescos?
    Julie xxxxxxxx

  4. Love your list just one comment - the inside lane on the motorway is the slow lane and the outside the fast so I do hope that the lorries were NOT in the outside lane! Glad you found the locals friendly and that you enjoyed cream teas but hope you didn't gain too much weight eating them! Glad that you list is full of such lovely positive things about our country as you said we love to hear your appreciative comments about our country!

  5. Oh no! Not Tesco.
    Avoided by many people like me. Small is beautiful, I reckon.
    Actually it is not a good idea (and frowned on) to drive in the centre lane on Motorways. By the way we call the left hand lane, the 'inside' lane. It used to be called the 'slow' lane and so people avoided it - not wanting to be see as 'slow'! The right hand lane, which some refer to as the 'fast' lane is actually an 'overtaking' lane. The Highway code states that you should not remain in these lanes if the inside (on the left) is clear of traffic.
    Sometimes however all this changing of lanes can be dangerous so it's all a question of balance.
    PS Are we going to see pictures of all those friends you met up with on your trip?
    I believe there are some very interesting and delightful people in Ludlow. :)

  6. Its an interesting blog post, did you find it via my last post?

  7. Love all your photos. My Guy has a business trip to the UK in the works, Kiddo and I may tag along for part of it, so the tips are much apppreciated.

  8. You certainly discovered plenty about our lovely country!
    I do so agree with you about white van men, we have them here in France also.

  9. You make me feel very lucky to be British Helen. Shropshire clotted cream though?? I thought it could only come from Devon and Cornwall. Whatever next.

    By the way the phrase 'you crack me up' is widely used and understand over here, so thank you, I like to raise a smile :o)

  10. We enjoyed clotted cream at Sally Lunn's in Bath a few months back...a quaint little eatery famous for it's buns!

    And we had our own personal tour guide who did the driving...good thing! He was driving a white van. Smile.

  11. Loved seeing more of your photos, and now my curiosity is aroused by Bernard's comment!!!!!!
    It's been great seeing lots of places that I went to last time I was in the UK.