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Saturday, June 11, 2011


The first couple of times we traveled overseas we stayed in B&Bs and moved on every day.
In this way we visited Scotland and Eire.

We enjoyed those holidays very much and as we were still working, we didn't really have time to do it any other way.

But boy, did we ever get sick of packing and unpacking the car every day and living out of a suitcase.

Luckily each holiday only lasted about 2 weeks. Handwashing undies and trying to dry them every night and carrying enough clothes to last the whole holiday without washing was very trying indeed.

Now-a-days we stay in self-contained cottages.

Chauffer's Cottage, Great Missenden

We arrive, unpack our clothes into wardrobes and drawers and when we need to,

 we use a washing machine ( and sometimes there's even a dryer ), ironing board and iron.

Cliff Cottage, Polruan - Cornwall

We have room to spread out and relax,

Ravenscourt Manor Cottage, near Ludlow

prepare our own breakfast,

Rock Cottage, Winster - Peak District

pack picnic lunches when we feel the urge,

Malts Cottage, Willersey - Cotswolds

chill out at home after a busy day sightseeing,

Jasmine Cottage, Askrigg Yorkshire Dales

 eat something simple that I have prepared,

and experience shopping for food in markets and supermarkets in a foreign land.

In fact, we do what we absolutely love - we "live the life".

To date we've stayed in nine cottages in England - sometimes for only one week, sometimes two and once for three lovely weeks.

In that time we sometimes got to know the people at the shop and local pub....

White Rose Hotel, Askrigg
..... where we would drop in for a coffee or hot chocolate after dinner, as well as to eat on occasion as many local residents do.

(and sometimes form the cheer squad for a hotly contested game of Quoits,
 as we did in Askrigg in 2008 )

So if you want to meet the people

and really "see" the country

try staying in a cottage.



  1. Lovely!
    When you were in great Missenden, you were about 5 miles from Railway cottage and the trains you would have seen travelling through the town, were on the same track as passed my old house :-)
    I'm so happy you enjoyed getting to know our little country.

  2. I am so glad you enjoy your visits to GB, I am so excited as we have bookked a gite in France for two weeks this summer and look forward to making it 'home' for our stay!

  3. It is definitely a better way to see the country and yet have your 'own' space to chill out and relax in. xx

  4. Great idea. Looks like lots of fun and a very practical way to see the country.

  5. I'm with you all the way there and you certainly seem to have picked some nice places with comfy chairs to relax in! We too enjoy the self catering kind of holiday and rarely have had a bad one although we did once have one I wouldn't go back to but as it was hot and we spent most of our time outside it didn't really matter! Come back soon as another way to do it is to stay with friends for a few days too!

  6. Cottages are the best accomodation, but we can't afford the prices at the moment! Winster is not so far from me so I know that cottage above!

  7. I love the idea of living like a local. Im sure you get a more authentic holiday that way .

  8. You and the Ton's travel the exact same way as the Scoot's and I. Isn't it funny that as we move on it becomes about having that little extra SPACE. The freedom to eat, do, pack, hike, walk, shop and sit back with a quiet book in the solitude of your own space. Why do you think I go to the Park Circle in Florida winter after winter.

  9. So pretty, what a great way to see more of the area.

  10. All beautiful. Not a mediocre cottage among them. It is definitely the way to do it - go to local shops, live in a house and even do some chores! like everyone else.

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