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Monday, January 10, 2011


We've been warned !
Our Premier and Lord Mayor have both gone on TV,


to warn us that a big flood is coming.

It is supposed to be at it worst on Thursday.

It has triggered a lot of panic buying of supplies.

Our local supermarket's shelves are bare.

Especially the bread shelves

and baked beans and tinned spaghetti !!!

There's not much milk left either. 

Long queues at the checkouts.

This shopping centre was flooded over the rooftop in 1974, the time of the last big flood.

Certainly the river is up

and full of floating debris from upstream.
They're saying it will go up at least another 2 m !

Hard to believe

We've been instructed to prepare, so prepare we will.
Friends who live by the river have been offered a place to stay here with us.

We have food,

a tank full of water,

gas to cook with,

candles and torches for when/if the electricity goes out,

ice blocks and freezer blocks


lots of toilet paper !!!

Let's hope we don't need any of it.



  1. Oh Helen I do so hope you won't need any of it - will be thinking of you and praying the waters don't reach you! You see I am not gone far - am still around and will be posting just not as often!

    Hope you manage to keep dry.


  2. Hi Helen,
    Thinking of you up there. Sit tight and I hope all will be well with you and not too much flooding and damage of property in Brisbane.

  3. Hope you are alright Helen. Such terrible news from Brisbane. Thinking of you.

    Sue x

  4. Oh my word, hope the flood doesn't reach you and that you manage to stay dry.

  5. Sounds like you are as prepared as you can be. Stay safe.

  6. I was wondering about you Helen.
    Those shelves are absolutely bare, oh dear.
    The pictures on the TV are very distressing.
    Keep safe, Love Suex

  7. I saw that on the world news and i have been thinking of you, praying that you all stay safe.

  8. Working around the clock to finish the Ark !

  9. Thinking about you.Take care and keep safe and keep us posted.We are all thinking about you.

  10. I do hope you are ok. Must be very worrying. Keep safe.

  11. Stay safe......no rash rescue missions to be undertaken.......don't like the look of those bare supermarket shelves, but very relieved to hear you will not run out of toilet paper, very important commodity in crisis situations.........but all joking aside, take care.
    florrie x

  12. Amazing coverage, reporter H.... So, much more detail than we are hearing on the News here in the States. Probably, due to the awful shooting and AZ. And the SNOW in the East.

    This is so much more real to life as you report in. Now..... You and Tony and those kids all stay safe. Keep us posted. Amazing pictures.


  13. Lots of luck and best wishes Helen. Hope you stay relatively "dry". My family have said they are ok, just wait and see.

  14. Glad to see that Tony is being sensible. Make sure he has all the animals on board :-)

  15. I'm seeing it all unfold on the BBC News. I'm glad to hear that you are on higher ground. People have died and others are lost. This is no time for quips. Fingers crossed for you Helen.

  16. I have been so saddened by all the flooding there.Stay safe.

  17. "Glad you are on higher ground," says YP. I second that thought. Praying for protection and safety for those who are not.

  18. I have been hearing about this on our news and am thinking of you. But all this buying of food, if it floods, will people run away to somewhere safer and take all their food with them? If it were me, Iwoul dsave the car space for things that were more precious. After all, food can be obtained anywhere else. I do hope your higher ground will keep you right out of it.

  19. I hope you are on high ground and don't live near the flooding river! Another blogger I visit who lives in your city had to leave her apartment and hasn't been back yet. The videos and photos are just unbelievable! Keep us posted and take care of yourselves!

  20. Please let us know you're safe Helsie, they must be scary and uncertain times for you all. Stay safe. x