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Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Australian Federal Police arrest a man during a raid on an Islamic store in Logan, south of Brisbane. Photo: Seven News

To re-cap the major points from the police press conference at 9.30am:
- The counter-terrorism raids are the largest in Australia's history
- Police allege the group targeted in the raids "had the intention and had started to carry out planning to commit violent acts here in Australia". Those violent acts would be carried out against random members of the public.(That has prompted comparisons to the murder of soldier Lee Rigby, who was killed in a random attack in England last year.)

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/live-antiterrorism-raids-across-sydney-and-brisbane-20140918-3fzkq.html#ixzz3DcZg6tla

It's time we stopped being such a walkover and bending backwards to accommodate immigrants who despise our laws, value systems and way of life.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/national/live-antiterrorism-raids-across-sydney-and-brisbane-20140918-3fzkq.html#ixzz3Dce887RM
- One person has been charged with serious terrorism offences and 14 others detained.
- 800 police officers were involved in the operation.


  1. Sorry to hear this is happening to your country too. I wish they were kicked out of our country - their culture is horrible and alien.

  2. I'm afraid we are so busy being inclusive and politically correct that we are being taken for fools Sandy.

  3. I think the vast majority of immigrants to Australia come to escape violence, poverty , and to obtain a better standard of living for themselves and their families.

    The minority who behave like this seek to control us by fear and to raise their own religious and political agenda. These people are not God worshipping people at all , and sadly they are giving every one from a non Australian cultural background a bad name. So in the end they win because we become suspicious and distrustful of all people who weren't born here. It's so wrong. Honestly if people dont like the beliefs and values we have in this country they are free to leave ( thats one of the great things about Australia) and I really wish they would avail themselves of the opportunity to go back to where they came from or to move somewhere else.

  4. I hate to see Muslim people in medieval outfits or clothing designed for hot Islamic countries. I think they should dress like the rest of us and show that their first allegiance is to Great Britain. They came to join us and they should assimilate. At work, Shirley sometimes deals with female Muslim patients who require translators even though they may nave been here twenty years. And which dumbwits pay for those translators? Yeah, you guessed it. Do I sound racist over this matter? I don't care.

  5. With you all the way YP. The clothing designed for our hot Australian climate is shorts !!!

  6. Oh, Helsie...this world we live in today is such a mess. And now some have protested in Sydney about the raids. If they don't like them or agree with the raids...all they have to do is pack their bags and leave this country...on a one-way ticket. They're not wanted here as far as I'm concerned. And I make no apology for thinking this way.

    1. Me either Lee but how do we stop our weak government from continuing to let them in. At least they seem to have stopped the boats for the moment.( one of those arrested came in a boat apparently ! )

  7. In my opinion, Helsie, our present government is making a stronger stance than the past one ever did.

    The present laws have to be changed, too...as has been proven these past few days...and changes are being made after what has occurred this past week - so those who are apprehended can't, by the existing laws, be released, no charge, after a matter of hours.

    It's a very complex problem. As I said in another blog...the enemy isn't at the gate...the enemy has entered the property!

  8. I think it is the same problem in many countries – Australia, the US, France, etc. A minority group hurts the majority of law abiding citizens. When I came to the US, not as an immigrant, I just wanted to travel but I had a green card to pay for my travels, I spoke and wrote English fluently (English is my 3rd language.) I cannot understand people who want to go to a new country without first learning the language and the customs. But religions have always been used for atrocities. I like to read about history – did you know that Germany killed 11,000 people because they would not pay Christian church taxes? (in 1234) and how about the Battle of Belgrade where they massacred 80,000 Turks because they were Muslims? You see it is just a continuation of a long history of religious terrors – it is not religion per se, it is terror using religion as an excuse.

  9. The state of the world right now is very frightening.

  10. I have noted that there is a very big 'do-gooder' movement in Oz that wishes to allow any number of so called refugees into your country. England did this in the name of Socialism, and look what happened.

  11. Yes, you are right about that Cro. It is a troubling time. Our politicians have an inflated idea about our importance in the world of international affairs too !