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Thursday, December 1, 2011


Yay! It's Favourite Things Friday again.
I'm linking up with Shay once again.
Why not join in the fun?

Today this is my favourite thing........




bare  feet  !

Yep, as soon as I'm in the door off come the shoes and I'm comfy.

Now that Summer's here you'll never find me with shoes on in the house.
I love to paddle round the house on the cool tiles in my bare feet.

Shoes are for going out in,
dressing up,
prancing around.....

bare feet


heaven !!!


  1. what a great favorite! especially in the sand on the beach... it's winter here so no bare feet for me (even though it's California) .. we might even approach freezing tonight ..

  2. Yes Helen you have a 'sole' mate here (sorry couldn't help it) I am a barefoot quilter too and love it.

  3. So true! Enjoy your summer of bare feet. Mine are covered in layers of socks & slippers as the temperature has dipped below 40° F here. Happy FTF! ☺

  4. Couldn't agree more! As long as the house is warm I have barefeet and flipflops so going into rooms like the kitchen with a cold floor.

  5. HaHa! I did a post like this last spring here in the UK. I love bare feet and hate switching back to socks and heavier foot wear in the autumn. Great FTF!

  6. What a cute posting. And you know I'm about the bare feet all summer long, unless I'm going out. And you know even more important I'm more excited that it's summer time there and you will be bringing me some warmth here all winter long.

  7. Enjoy your bare feet. It is -20C here today so no bare feet even in the house!

  8. Wishing for going bare foot again, but will have to wait until spring. I woke to 1 degree this morning, fur lined slippers for me!!

  9. ooh me too - I hate wearing socks and love my feet to be free!

  10. I'm a bare feet in the house kind of gal myself. Although since it's winter here in the northern hemisphere, I have resigned myself to socks for the time being.

  11. Since snow and ice are predicted for this weekend, barefeet are just a pleasant memory. However, having lived in Nevada in the summer, barefeet and cool tiles are just heavenly.

  12. I love bare feet too...I wish it was summer here.

  13. LOVED this favourite. You are a girl after my own heart, I only ever wear shoes at work or in public and never wear shoes at home.

    (I like your nail polish too!)

  14. sniff, sniff....I wish I could be barefoot. It's cold here. Enjoy the warm weather and your bare feet - I agree with Shay, cute toenails.

    Have a great weekend, Helen!

  15. Enjoy your bare tootsies! Mine will be in warm socks for the next six months.

  16. Me too, I'm another one that loves going bare foot around the house. A great favourite Helen.

  17. I tend to stay barefoot till I've left the house for the day, then when I get home I take my shoes off but leave my socks on. I'd much rather go shoe-less than shoed but I still love socks.

  18. Wonderful favorite! I love bare feet, I agree with you completely about shoes. Unfortuantely, due to a foot condition I can no longer go about without shoes. But they do come right off if I'm sitting down!

  19. I'm not sure that "Blogger" allows us to post raunchy photos of our naked and sexually-alluring feet. Get some fluffy slippers on you young hussy!

  20. Oh my word. The very mention of summer....... It's been dull, wet and windy here in the UK. Time to snuggle up by the fire. Have a good week! Ros

  21. What pretty tootsies Helen!
    Hi, sorry ......once again. I have been busy getting these Blankets ready for the homes.
    120 now! I am dreading the winter to tell you the truth. I just hope its not as bad as last year.
    Love Suex

  22. By "paddle around the house" do you mean like Santa there playing cricket on the beach at the top of your blog?