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Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Amazingly we are at the end of another month  - November !

I can't believe how fast this month has gone.
This morning ( 30th ) I sat down and searched through my photos to see what I could cobble together for this month's Scavenger Hunt.
I like to do it this way. Just see what I can hunt out before I take any special photos.
This month I only had to take one - the lucky charm!

So here it is -
November's Scavenger Hunt.

1.  a poppy ( sorry poppies !)

Out shopping on 11/11/11

2. something purple

You can't go past a Jacaranda tree if you are looking for something purple at this time of year.

3. a silhouette

Looking out the window onto the beach at Mooloolaba.

4. comfort food

Only a memory now, it's salad time here!

5.  memorial

 WWII Battle of Britain bunker at Uxbridge kept as it was at the end of WWII as a memorial to the many airmen who saved Britain in those terrible days.

6. a staircase

Myers store in Sydney at Christmas a few years ago.

7. something that lights up

The ceiling of the Melbourne Crown Casino

8. something I've made

Food of course !!! Yummy!

9. polkadots

In my fabric stash for a future quilt.

10. a lucky charm

An Inukshuk - a souvenir from Canada. A symbol of friendship from the Inuit and their fellow Canadians.
You find versions of this scattered almost anywhere in Canada where there are rocks and travellers.
 I like to think they watch over and care for travellers.
I'm one of those - a traveller I mean !

He stands in the entrance of our home.

11. warmth

Plenty of that here at the moment !!!

12. a self portrait

Showing off my Christmas table runner.

That's it for another month.
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  1. Wow! Something that lights up is a great entry! Your table runner is beautiful!

  2. What a gorgeous tree! So enjoyable to see another part of the world, especially where the sun is shining :) Super photos, and your table runner looks lovely along with your pretty smile. Nice to see the Inukshuk is keeping you company from so far away.

  3. Super photos! The Jacaranda tree is so beautiful and your baking looks very tasty:)

  4. I so enjoy these posts . How gorgeous is that Myer staircase!

  5. I agree with Rosie about the baking and the jacaranda tree! I love that fancy lit up ceiling too.

  6. Beautiful photos, especially the Jacaranda tree and Christmas trees. The cakes are making me drool! Any chance of sharing the recipe please, they look delicious? Lovely to see a photo of you, did you make the gorgeous runner? best wishes, Pj x

  7. I envy you your warmth. Even at it's mildest, November is not exactly hot!

    That jacaranda tree is beautiful! You certainly can't ignore it!

  8. The table runner is beautiful! You've clearly got a knack of making lovely things - your food picture looks gorgeous too.

  9. What great photos, I don't think I can choose a favourite they're all so good!

  10. Great photos. You hit the right note on every theme and you only had to take one. Pretty impressive.

  11. Beautiful table runner Helsie- hope that you have a lovely Christmas.

  12. Love your something purple and something that lights up. Great job!

  13. I love your photos, particularly the Jacaranda tree and the silhouette.

  14. What a beautiful tree, I also quite like the look of that cake.