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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


This is a very busy time of year isn't it?
Here in Oz it is the end of the school year so there are all sorts of activities if you are a teacher  or a parent of school age children.
High school leavers are kicking up their heels and celebrating the end of their school days,
most of them planning the years ahead at university and some of them choosing to head into the world of work.
So we have lots of  " breaking-up " parties.
This may be a new term for some of you ( especially Americans).
A breaking -up party is one you have before you head off to the beach for a holiday.

These parties come thick and fast and usually require some sort of contribution to the food ( bring a plate  - preferably with something nice to share on it !!!)

With this in mind I set about cooking this slice.
It's always a winner and quick and easy.

Looks yummy doesn't it?
That's because of the secret ingredient - Condensed Milk !!

When you cook it , it goes all caramel and delicious.

Here's what you need:-

90g butter
1 cup sweet biscuit crumbs
1½cups Choc Bits
1 cup shredded coconut
1 cup chopped mixed nuts( I just used peanuts this time but any will do )
400g can Condensed milk

and this is how you make it:-

* Line a slice pan with baking paper

* Melt butter and mix with crushed biscuits. Press evenly into base of tin.

* Cover base evenly with choc-bits, then coconut then nuts

* Drizzle with condensed milk trying to cover nuts completely.

* Bake in a moderate oven for about 30 minutes ( watch carefully it will brown quickly at the end )

* Cool in pan before cutting then store in refrigerator

Small pieces now, it's quite rich.

a winner every time


We are feeling very soggy now with all the rain
but it is working its magic on the garden.

Remember the poor Mandabila that the dogs all but destroyed?

It's sending up new shoots from the base !
Let's hope they can reach the fence and replace all the bits that have died off up there.

This pretty little bush is really enjoying the rain too.

Don't know its proper name.

We just call it Bridal Bush.

This afternoon we were treated to TWO complete rainbows in the sky to the north east

and a bit of blue sky is trying very hard to peek through the clouds.



  1. I love that slice.
    It looks like today (for a change) we had more blue sky than you.
    The humidity is horrible, it's fortunate the temperature is still lower than normal, or it would be really unbearable.
    My daughter is one of those school leavers, but she isn't kicking up her heels to celebrate and she didn't go to schoolies, she found herself a part time job instead, yippee!!

  2. it looks so yummy! and the rainbow is lovely too

  3. It's heartening to know that it is spring somewhere on this planet.

    I love the new banner at the top of your blog! Is there some significance to the fact that it includes 10 koalas?

  4. Aw, yummy looing foody treats! I must say the raw form of it in the dish looked a lot like ..... no, I mustn't say!
    Lovely flowers!

  5. Anything containing condensed milk is great in my book - must give that recipe a go. It is lovely to see your photos of warm rain and spring flowers as we are frozen here!!

    Jane x

  6. Oh you re going to have to put "CAKE WARNING" on these posts, as I am trying to lose a few pounds and this made my mouth water :-D

  7. Yum!!! Thankfully I dont have time to whip this up this week, being as it's the last week of term and all. Ive done nothing but eat lately.

    Those rainbows look so gorgeous. We had torrential rain yesterday which was so not fun!

  8. I know this recipe with out looking. Always a favorite here too. Two rainbows... amazing. That's one thing we don't see very often in Chicago. Don't really know why, we have the rain, but just don't.

    Always good to pop over and see what you are up to.


  9. Yum!

    Love the pics of the garden. Are you feeling soggy yet?

  10. That slice looks good!

    Its so good to see flowers and rainbows despite all the rain;-) Everything is frozen solid here!!


  11. Slice looks yummy - but Oh, the Calories!!!!