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Thursday, December 16, 2010


I can't believe it's Friday again !
Of course you know on Friday we do FTF.
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Today my favourite thing is ......

Thunder Storms !
Very topical after last night's storms.

I love it when I look up into the sky and see a sight like this.

After a hot day the clouds build up and soon the sun disappears and darkness descends 

Then come the fireworks

Nature putting on a show.

After years of drought we had a super storm last night .
By 1 o'clock in the afternoon it was dark enough for the street lights to come on.

the downpour was HUGE

and then the deafening chorus of the frogs started and the air was coooooool.

Of course everyone in our house doesn't love storms !


PS. All photos from the internet


  1. I love thunderstorms!! We love to either sit on our front porch or watch out of our big picture window [with all the lights off].

    Why is it that after seven years of drought you're having rain? It sounds like a good thing, is it?

  2. The top of the computer needs dusting! Also, move that damned snow globe away from the computer worktop! A Packard Bell mousemat? How totally uncool!

  3. I normally love thunderstorms too, although after yesterday's"little" event I can do without any for quite some time. We had no damage here and less than an inch of rain, but all around here had lots of damage and we were without power from 4.45pm yesterday until 10.30am this morning. Not a big deal as we are always prepared, I was more worried about the ham and frozen turkey that I had bought for Xmas day. Crossing my fingers that the power would come back on before everything in the fridge had to be thrown out. Unfortunately no power means no water either as we are on tank water and without power the pumps don't work. In anticipation I had filled the water cooler and had buckets of water ready, that was lucky!
    So yes Helen, normally I would agree with you, but not so much today!!!

  4. Wow it was a huge storm! We had so much rain our pool is overflowing again! Our pooch voiced her opinion at the sky while running around the paddocks like a headless chook!! Great photos!

  5. OMG... I'm scared of thunderstorms... Thank God we do not have such big ones here!!! I'd die of heart attack!!! LOL... I'll be joining your sweet doggie under the table... I'm scared of dogs too, but if I have to choose between him and the storm, I'll let him sleep in my lap!!! LOL

  6. We used to get interesting storms in France when the electricity would go off but here as with most things thunderstorms are smaller and less awesome and also less frequent - I love the smell of the earth afterwards and you know it smelled different in France and made me miss home so much! Sounds like an amazing storm you had there though. Hope the sun came out again afterwards.

  7. Glad you got rain, probably won't do much to reduce the drought, but at least you got a cool breeze out of it. Living in Oklahoma, thunderstorms often mean tornados, so I'm not so thrilled when we have them. However, seeing those storms clouds off buidling off in the distance is most certainly impressive and sometimes the light is just beautiful right before a storm.

    Have a happy holiday season! Hope to hear more FTF in 2011!

  8. I love a good storm on our lake in the summer! We've had westies for 35 years, and storms don't affect them a all, but our spaniels and poodles, gosh we had to put them under the covers, closets,and anywhere they could hide from the lightning...when I saw your dog photo...ah the memories. a good one to end the year!

  9. Thunderstorms can be magnificent, can't they? Beautiful pictures. Do you ever get hail and tornadoes with yours?

    Poor puppy! Looks like he's got a safe place scouted out though.

  10. Our dogs hide during storms, too. Well, except the old guy only because he can't hear them. The one photo appears to have a tornado in the clouds!

    I have a love/hate relationship with thunderstorms.

    Have a lovely weekend.

  11. Laughing here because thats what one of my dogs does when a storm comes.

    Nature is amazing isnt it. I think we can officially say the drought has broken up your way with the amount of rain youve had.

    I love it when nature comes up with a light display but Im not so keen on the accompanying cracks of thunder.

    Love that you loved this for FTF!

  12. I love thunderstorms too -- we don't have real ones in Northern California!

  13. I can appreciate the beauty of a thunderstorm and the need for them but fierce ones do scare me, just a bit. lol