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Thursday, December 9, 2010


Ho! Ho! It's Friday again and that means joining Mrs PJs for Favourite Things Friday.
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My Favourite Thing this week is ......


Yes, I really love going to the movies at the cinema.
Not really at home
I love the big screen
the big volume
no adds to distract you
the sound of other people laughing in the funny bits.
Last Sunday afternoon we went to see this movie.

The Social Network

What an amazing story.
We really enjoyed it .

Here are a few of my favourites from the past.

My top two.
I've watched them both over and over.

In fact I love Hugh Grant. He makes me laugh.

Love Harry Potter - books and movies

An oldie but a goodie

One of the best things at the cinema is the trailers of upcoming releases.

Here are a few I've yet to see that look interesting.

Rabbit Hole

The Tourist

Looks like there are plenty of interesting movies coming up.



  1. I've watched Miracle On 34th Street, Polar Express and Santa Clause movies already! I love movies.

  2. I seldom got to the cinema because I'm not a fan of crowds, but I agree, the big screen makes movies better. :-) It's especially important, imo, to see movies like Jurassic Park on the big screen, because you really need to feel just how darn big those dinosaurs are.

    What a great FTF!

  3. Love your header (am I right its from last year). I love movies too but get very very very annoyed at the noise, yahooing etc that some of them seem fit to carry on with. Hubby's mad keen on movies and so we have a LARGE collection of DVD's :-)

  4. I love movies too, big screen or small. Haven't seen The Social Network yet. I can't wait for The Tourist to come out. I'm not big on Angelina Jolie, but who cares about her when there's Johnny Depp, right? Happy FTF!

  5. Going to the cinema was one of the things we didn't do in France as you can't ask to have the words repeated if you don't understand! However we have been back home over 2 years now and still haven't made it to the cinema here either - maybe it's because we tend not to like the same films or perhaps we have just got so out of the habbit we forget about it altogether. Have seen Notting Hil, Steel Magnolias and Four Weddings though!


  6. I love movies too. the last movie I saw was the new Harry Potter movie. I went with my 30 year old son and we had a great time. I need to get my husband out ... it's always a good night out.

  7. I love going to see movies too, some are so much better on the big screen. I haven't been for a couple of months, the last one I saw was Eat, Pray, Love,

  8. I worked at a video store as a teenager and learned to love movies. Steel Magnolias is one of my all-time favorites. I cry EVERY time I watch it. In fact, if I just need to have a good cry, I turn that one on. :o) Black/white 'old' movies are my favorite though. Such fabulous fashion in every shot! LOL Thanks for sharing. Happy FTF! :o)

  9. Out of Africa is my fav! I've seen it so often that my sweetie knows the words!
    I don't do Angelina Jolie...to skinny, and she is always the same and this new Tourist one, if from the trailer that I saw on You tube is any indication...her accent is awful.
    Johnny Depp must have needed the money! And I loved, loved Notting Hill too.

  10. A great post. Lately the loud at the cinema has been bugging me but I go occasionally still.

    I think we have similar tastes. I keep Love Actually as one of my "go to" repeating movies while quilting. I love Steel Magnolias but only watch it once ever couple of years or longer due to the voracity with which I cry starting in the middle and running for a good hour after! :)

  11. Hugh Grant. MMMMMMMM.....Yummy yummmmmmm....

  12. I really want to go see The Social Network too. It's good to know what you thought because by the trailer I felt this was a movie that could go either way for me.

    And all of your favourites are favourites of mine!

    We went and saw a mOvie a couple of weeks ago "Due Date". It was Ok, I really love Robert Downey Jnr now he isnt a drugged up mess but this wasnt one of his best movies.

    I mentioned to someone else we should do a virtual movie night in the New Year where someone picks a movie and we all watch it on DVD over a certain weekend like a book club.

    Loved this FTF Helsie.

  13. I think the trailers are my favorite part about going to the cinema! I love it when I've forgotten what movie I came to see and it is a surprise when it starts. I see some of your favorite movies are among my favorites too. Thanks for a great FTF.

    xo -El

  14. Hugh Grant and Harry Potter, that's an interesting combination. I have all the same movies (well except Notting Hill). I prefer to watch movies once they come out on DVD, it's just too expensive to actually go to the cinema!

  15. I can see quite a few of my favorites in your list... Notting Hill and the Harry Potter series...

  16. Wait one gosh darn second. I thought for sure I would see Tony my favorite rockn' elf here. You must post just too cute. Then we all can do.....