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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


Here in sunny Brisbane we've suddenly been plunged into Autumn.
Autumn Brissy style that is !
Warm, sunny days that hover around 24 degrees C
and cool nights that plunge down to 12 degrees C !
Lovely !

There is a new river walkway that has not long been opened to the public.
It's a brand new structure to replace the multi-million dollar one that was swept away in the terrible floods of 2011. With other more important things to repair and much thought about replacing the old one with a much more robust construction, it has taken some time but it has finally been finished.

On Sunday we decided to inspect it ourselves for the first time.

To get to our starting point we caught the City Cat river ferry from the University and rode it right past South Bank and the city, under the Story Bridge and alighted not far from the beginning of the walkway.

The plan then was to walk back under the bridge towards the city  - about 4 kilometres.

Not far from the newly constructed ferry terminal ( they were all damaged by the floods too !) we joined the pathway that leads to the river walk. These paths are shared with bike riders so you need to keep your wits about you and listen for their approach from behind and keep over to the left as much as possible.

You can see the beginning of the walkway ahead as it swings out into the river.

There are designated sections for walkers and bike riders clearly defined.

The walkway has to swing out into the river as houses are built right on the water's edge and many have little jetties for their boats .

Of course, because it is so close to the city it is a very popular area for multi-storey unit living.....

and look at this lovely colonial design house. Isn't it lovely?

But oh so close to that dangerous river! I don't know how it went in the floods but it can't have escaped I have to think.

We are nearly at the end of the walkway now. Looking back you can see how it zigzags along.

On Sunday it wasn't too hot - about 24 degrees - but in Summer it would be pretty hot walking as there are only small patches of shade every now and then.( You can see one on the bend )

It wasn't long before we left the walkway and walked on past very old, disused wharves........

then under the bridge itself.

On the other side of the bridge we joined another section of walkway that snakes along the river bank towards the city flanked by lovely high -rise apartments and swish hotels.

It wasn't long before we were seated in a nice coffee shop gazing back at the way we had come.
You can see the old wharves running along under the bridge. They are probably heritage listed and seem to withstand the floods without being washed away.

Then it was time to hop back on the ferry and head for home.
Autumn is lovely in Brisbane !

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


This year has been such a busy one and at the moment we are in the middle of a whirlwind !
The cousins are gathering !
I might have mentioned that I have 50 ... no 51 first cousins on my mother's side ?
With huge numbers like this you can imagine that they have scattered far and wide and many live overseas.
Wales, Texas, Michigan, Mexico and Japan to name a few of the places our family has spread to.
The recent death of one of my uncles and the fact that there are now only three surviving members of that original 14 siblings produced a desire in the cousins to reconnect and so a grand gathering was planned.
.....and so on ANZAC Day in lovely Noosaville ( just around the corner from Noosa on the Noosa River ) the Cousins' Reunion took place.
 Many of us occupied units in this lovely resort where spacious units could accommodate whole families sharing and these were grouped close together around a pretty heated pool
with fantastic BBQ facilities for group dinners and chatting that began at breakfast and lasted through till 11:00pm. ALL WEEKEND !!
 Eighteen first cousins were there, 
Two of the three original siblings and their partners
( my Mum is now the oldest survivor and head of this huge family)

( That's her young brother beside her !) with the cus that now resides in Wales. 
and there were plenty of second and third cousins too !

 In all 52 of us managed to make it a wonderful weekend !
All descendants of these two.
There's a meme going around Facebook about cousins being the first friends you ever have and it is so true !

Friday, March 27, 2015


Phew! We've just returned from Sydney where we spent a week to celebrate the marriage of our son Brett to his lovely partner, Sarah.

(The view from our apartment of Hyde Park)

The wedding took place in the courtyard of the Mint, the oldest building in Sydney.

It was a lovely occasion with the weather being very kind - not too hot or cold, morning showers clearing so that the outdoor ceremony could take place as planned in the late afternoon.

The bride looked absolutely stunning.
So did the groom !

With both of them around 6 foot they made a very handsome couple don't you think ?

Mum and Dad made the trip down from Hervey Bay with my brother and his partner making the trip possible for them.

It was a lovely, happy family occasion.

The celebrations continued the next morning with a lovely ( guilty) brunch in the Sydney Botanic Gardens. 

Yum !!!

Back home now and back to the diet !


Friday, March 13, 2015


My mission today was to collect some Jacaranda seeds to send to my blogging pal Tom in Angola.
A few weeks ago I sent him some Ponciana seeds and blogged about it here.
Jacarandas produce lots of seeds but I had forgotten that the seeds were so high in the tree !

I had also forgotten that when they are ready the seed pods burst open and the seeds float away on the breeze !

Everywhere I looked the pods were open and the seeds were gone !!

High up in the tree I could spy a few green pods which hadn't opened yet but they would be very difficult to get at.
Like this one .

 so I began to search the ground under the trees for seed pods to take home.
It was obvious that the seeds were long gone from these ones.
The pods spring open with quite a lot of force and the seeds are expelled.

You can see the centre rib where they are attached.

These seed pods are tough - brittle and hard. I had to use a knife to prise them open - and I looked through all the ones I had brought home, ever hopeful that there would be some seeds still clinging inside..

I found a couple still attached to the pod.

See the little thin membrane attached to them?
It acts as a wing so that they fly away on the breeze.

Two seeds of questionable quality.
There were now three pods left but I was very hopeful as two were only just cracked open and one was completely closed.
One was empty but the next one had plenty of seeds inside

The last one took quite a bit to get it open as it was completely sealed up tight.
I cut away the edge then inserted a knife to prise it open a bit

Finally the pod snapped open and there they were !

Lots of them! Looking healthy too !

I've planted a couple to test them out.
The rest have been placed in a card addressed to Tom's brother in Germany who will, I hope, send them on to Tom in his next parcel.
It will be great to see these trees enhancing the resort that Tom is working hard to build.
Let's hope they like the climate.
Below are some photos I took today of the Ponciana seedling I planted a month ago.

 There are five of them.
Anyone want a Ponciana tree???