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Friday, May 23, 2014


We are settled into the final Italian stopover of our holiday - Bellagio on Lake Como.

Getting there was an epic day of train to Milan, another train to a Varenna, ferry across the lake to Bellagio then the final stretch, a long pull up the hill and 40 stairs up to our apartment.

At least this time we didn't attempt the stairs through the town !
Once again the apartment is a winner and our hostess, a lovely lady called Maria, a real gem.

We've had thunder storms all night but this was the view from our bedroom window this morning.

As the sun began to come out around midday we set out to explore our surroundings.
Several of these cobbled stairs wind down and down, lined all the way with little restaurants, bars and clothing shops.

Scarves and ties seem to be featured here a lot along with expensive jewellery, clothes , shoes and handbags.
Down at the lake front beautiful vistas open up before you.

And it's easy to see why this is the playground of the rich and famous.

Places like this gem -

a pool with a view like this would be hard to take wouldn't it?

Or perhaps you'd prefer lunch here ?

Tomorrow we're going on a boat tour and I'll be on the lookout for gorgeous George Clooney.

Keep your fingers crossed !



  1. It looks wonderfully decadent - especially that pool.

    1. It is, Shay but only beautiful bodies will be occupying these loungers , I bet !

  2. When I was there with my mom and sister about 5 years ago, we had a table for 4 at lunch - there was a place for George but he never showed up!
    Enjoy! It's a beautiful piece of this earth.

    1. Lucky George, he gets lots of offers doesn't he? Think he appeals to everyone.

  3. What a fool George is, doesn't know what he was missing.

  4. You said "it's easy to see why this is the playground of the rich and famous" but then the picture that followed this remark ironically showed an Italian beggar at the waterside!

  5. Begging for money to stay longer YP.

  6. A late friend of mine...he was also my boss for 14 years absolutely adored Lake Como...he used to always tell me it was "chocolate-box" country/scenery. He lived in Europe for a few years as a men's clothing buyer...back in the early Fifties.

    If you run into George tell him I've very disappointed he ignored my letters and fell under the spell of another! ;)

  7. It's so lovely to see Bellagio again, we have such wonderful memories of staying there and the Lake Como area. It is just beautiful as your photos show. Enjoy.
    Anne xx

  8. Hi Helsie. It's so good to see all your photos. You seem to pick the best of places and have such good times. Are you coming to the UK too?