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Tuesday, May 27, 2014


This is our third visit to Paris. 
Each visit we have spent a week here so we feel very comfortable here.
Each time we have stayed in an apartment in the Marais district. It is so close to everything like the Louvre and Notre Dame and the streets are filled with cafés and restaurants making eating out just a trip down the street.

The weather is cool and cloudy but by the time we went out today the rain had cleared.

Not too many people around either which is always nice though there are lots of school groups.
School kids sure get it good these days with school trips to Paris and Rome. What a terrific responsibility for the teachers.

Even on a cloudy day it looks lovely.

We revisited the Pont des Artes  but couldn't find the padlock that we put here last year.

They are so crowded now you would have a lot of trouble putting another one I there.
Apparently there is some concern about the weight of all these padlocks making the bridge unsafe ? ? 

And of course no visit to Paris would be the same if I didn't rave about French food.

We returned to our favourite restaurant, Equinox, and they didn't disappoint.
I'm a very happy customer tonight !

Sea scallops for me......

Chicken in fill for Tony ........

And a Tarte Tattin for dessert.



  1. Good heavens! Those padlocks! The first time I witnessed this padlock fashion was in Florence on the Ponte Vecchio but on that Parisian bridge things have gone so crazy! So much scrap metal!

    1. If you arrive without a padlock, don't worry there are a lot of enterprising people armed with a felt pen selling padlocks on the bridge.

  2. It all looks so wonderful, but I did a detour and I've stayed behind here at Tuscany, Helsie. I'll catch up with you guys on the return trip home! ;)

  3. As you know I love Paris too - wish I was with you! If you want a moment of peace and quiet do take a wander in the Bois de Boulogne and visit the Jardin de Bagatelle there or I can recommend the Jardin du Luxembourg too. Enjoy your time in the city of light.

  4. Ahhh Paris- definitely on my list of places to visit someday. Thats padlocked bridge is a sight to see!

  5. All this looks even better on the big computer compared to my silly phone and FB. I can't tell you how wonderful this vacation has been with the two of you. I seriously did not know you were covering "like" 20 bucket list locations all in this one trip. What a fabulous journey this has been. You must have been a travel agent in a previous life.

    1. Helen is a Google Earth and Tripadvisor tragic, but get to share the rewards, just have to pay the credit card !

  6. Oh, I love Paris and wish I could visit every year, at least. I've read that there are so many of the padlocks that they are periodically cut off and removed so as to make room for more. Those plates of food are stunningly beautiful, and equally delicious I'm sure.

  7. Ahhhh Paris, so glad you are back there again to enjoy the delights this wonderful city has to offer. Your meal looks delicious.
    Anne xx

  8. Paris really just makes you fall in love with the city all over again. It's good that you were able to visit in an of-peek tourist season. It's a lot easier to appreciate the sights with fewer people on the streets. I think finding that lock is akin to finding a needle in a metallic haystack. Hahaha! Anyway, I think the food looks absolutely delicious, as expected from French cuisine. Stay happy and until your next adventure! :)

    Shaun Caldwell @ AARC Host Agency

  9. Apparently part of the padlocked bridge fell off this week! Not into the river but onto the bridge itself I believe they are now trying to get them removed!
    Paris is such a beautiful place isn't it? Xxx