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Monday, July 25, 2011


Do you remember when I showed you this material?

The technique I was learning is called "convergence".

It involves lots of cutting into strips of varying widths,

matching seams and sewing back together.

Scarey stuff for someone who can't be relied to cut straight
and is pretty hopeless and maintaining a regulation quarter inch seam.

I'm on the final bit.

If you don't look too closely so far so good.....
but the final bit is going to take a miracle ......

and a fair bit of pulling and pinning to get those lines to match up !!

Wish me luck!



  1. How clever you are. I certainly would never be able to do that with any accuracy at all! It's looking lovely - looking forward to seeing the finished article in due course!

  2. I do wish you luck . Im positively hopless at matching multiple seams (Remember how long and loud I grizzled when I had to match sahsing and blocks?)

    However you are a patient soul with aneven temper so I ma completely confident that you can do this and that it'll look fantastic at the end.

    Very pretty colour combo!

  3. Goodness that looks complicated Helen!
    Love the new header pic, very glamourous :-D

  4. This looks really pretty and I admire you for tackling a project like this. I'd never have the patience. :)
    Anne xx

  5. Gosh, that is scary, but it is looking good so far - so very well done

  6. I love the look...can't imagine actually doing this myself, though! Good luck...so far it looks GREAT!

  7. First, I love the new header. And second, you are getting pretty fancy there, ms. fancy pants. WOW. Great job.