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Saturday, July 23, 2011


This is a photo of the sky in Brisbane this morning !
It is a typical Winter's day here in sunny Brisbane - cool at first (about 12C ) then quickly warming up to about 20 C by 11 am.

Too nice to stay at home so off we trotted to the Chandler Markets.

The parking was insane as thousands of others had the same idea as us.

There were lots of stalls.....

all sorts of food....

like licorice in every colour of the rainbow !!

 and music too!

After we'd eaten a couple of the  best curry puffs you've ever tasted in your life
and some sugar-coated macadamia nuts ( how's that for an early morning combination ???), we drove back into the city for "breakfast " on the cliffs at Kangaroo Point overlooking the city centre.

Everywhere there were people enjoying the Winter morning.

Breakfast picnics were set up in the sunshine ... 

as families enjoyed the lovely view of our modern city.

The cliff climbers/ absailers were setting up their ropes

Can you spot them on the cliffs?

We wandered along till we came to the coffee shop.... 

.... and found ourselves a table.
By now it was 11am and the breakfast rush was just ending.

Tea and raisin toast was all we needed after our exotic snack at the markets.

This cafe is a favourite with the cyclists who ride the city's bikeways on the weekends

Down on the river there was plenty of action too

I'll leave you with a couple more photos of our city.

If you ever think of visiting, there's nowhere better on a Winter's day !



  1. Wow! Lovely start to a summer's day here where the temperatures are 13 with a max of 19 forecast later today!! I had to laugh at the person in the fourth photo well wrapped up with scarf and woollen hat in 20 degrees which to us would warrant a tee-shirt and flip flops!! Your city looks interesting - IF I ever do come to Oz I will make sure to come in mid winter and to visit Brisbane!

  2. I love winter here, well at least when it's a proper SE Qld winter like this year. It's been absolutely beautiful this year hasn't it. I went to the local farmers markets this morning, as usual I forgot to take photos.
    You can always tell the locals from the tourists, the locals all rugged up, the tourists in short sleeves and shorts, lol.

  3. Wonderful pictures Helen. Looking at your "winter" really makes me want to move to Queensland!

  4. Ohhhhh, your winters looks so much more inviting that ours here on the east coast in the US!!!

  5. Beautiful day. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to have 20 C. We topped out at 42 C today.

  6. Helen, thanks for sharing this. Really enjoyed the photos.
    What a beautiful city.
    love suex

  7. What lovely sunshine. It looks really lovely and jolly. I enjoyed seeing the food! I will bear in mind how lovely it is and how warm.

  8. Lovely tour. Here in the U.S., inhabitants of the state of North Carolina, who are known as Tarheels, ask, "If God is not a Tarheel, why is the sky Carolina Blue?"

    Tarheel is also the nickname of the teams at the University of North Carolina, while Wolfpack is what the teams at North Carolina State University are called, so I think there is some inter-collegiate tomfoolery involved as well!