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Sunday, July 3, 2011


As I have probably told you, I live in an outer, semi-rural suburb where there are the usual housing blocks as well as larger acreage blocks with horses and sometimes cattle.

Yesterday while out in the car we drove past a paddock covered with these blue flowers.

Aren't they pretty?

Having just returned from a holiday in England where we raved about the presence of lots of wildflowers I had to stop and take these photos ( well actually Tony was the one behind the camera ).

Not too many Aussies would think this is lovely.
You see here we call this a weed infestation !

This is Blue Billy Goat Weed ( Ageratum houstonianum ) and is grows well in Queensland !

It is taking the place of precious grass and therefore is quite undesirable ( thrives in poor soil ).
But isn't it pretty with the old blue house in the background ?

Up close it is a very pretty blue and the flowers are quite furry.
As kids we called it "wet-pants weed " and said that if you touched it you would wet your pants !!

So what do think?

Wildflowers or weeds?



  1. Like most things in life it isn't the plant per se that is the problem but the number of them - too much of anything is never a good thing but they do look pretty don't they? There is beauty to be found even in a humble weed eh?! I have been thinking of doing a post about our wildflowers as there are just so many of them this year - must be the weather which suits them this year I suppose.

  2. wildflower - I don't believe in weeds!

  3. In your pics I would call it a wildflower, in my garden, where it pops up I'd call it a weed. It has such a pretty colour flower doesn't it.

  4. Just lovely! especially with the blue house in the background.

  5. Very pretty. I'd say wildflowrer.

  6. I vote wildflower...too pretty to be a weed!

  7. Our Dandelions were always referred to as "Wet-the bed". It comes from the French "Pis au lit". Gran used to say "Don't pick those, you'll wet the bed".
    All we ever got were stained brown hands from the white 'sap' that leaked out. Your flower maybe wild - but it is beautiful.
    I used to know some 'wild, wild women', and they were beautiful as well!

  8. Well they say a weed is just a plant in the wrong place so I will go with wildflower, I too love the photos especially the one with the old blue house.

  9. Definitely wildflowers!!!!!! They are just so pretty! Ros

  10. Well, if those are weeds they are absolutely gorgeous and add a lot to the landscape! Beautiful color.

    I should introduce myself...just came by from Marigold Jam's blog and so this is my first visit. Your header looks like lots of places here in my own Southern California environment...your Australian eucalyptus trees (I think you call them gum trees?) love it over here.

    Have a good weekend. I hope to return again for more visits.

  11. Since I cant tell the difference between a desirable plant and an undesirable one - Im thinking it's a wildflower.

    It is very pretty.

  12. Now, there's a new word I love..... paddock....
    Never a weed when it looks as great as that all nestled in that cover of trees. But, where are the horses. Yes, I know what a paddock is...giggling.

    Have a great weekend finish,

  13. im thinking weeds, but pretty ones, they are trying to overtake my garden too.

  14. Seeing as they are so pretty and have big enough heads to make a carpet of colour I would like to call them wild flowers but I don't know where the fine line actually sits and obviously I have no experience of whether they are a nuisance or not. They just look so beautiful.

  15. Definitely wild flowers but then I would say that, they're not in my garden. I do hope Tony didn't touch them !!!!!!

  16. A weed is an introduced plant in the wrong environment. This is definately a weed in Australia, it chokes out native grasses, smaller plants and seedlings and inhibits other plant growth.
    In England: beautiful wildflowers.
    In Australia: definately an invasive weed suffocating native plants.