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Friday, September 10, 2010



I love these lovely little birds.

They come in two varieties in our neighbourhood -
 Scaley breasted Lorikeets - plain green with "scales of yellow on their chests like the one at the front of the photo )
2. Rainbow Lorikeets - slightly bigger birds with beautiful bright colouring.

There are millions of them anywhere there are flowering native trees and shrubs.

They're noisy - that's an understatement !

They screech and chatter especially at dawn and dusk.

They love our honey producing flowers and they love bread and sugar and water mixed up in bird feeders too.

They are one of my favourite things.


  1. How colourful they are and so different from most of our wild birds. I am thinking of starting a folder of Australian information as I am learning so much about you lovely country. Have a good weekend.

    Jane x

  2. Oh my goodness! If I saw these outside my window, I would love those birdies too. Visiting from FTF. Thanks for sharing. Happy Friday! :o) Larri at Seams Inspired

  3. Aren't rainbow Lorikeets gorgeous to look at?

    We have an african fire tree in our back yard that they love to sit in, and they are quite tame. I should talk Mr. P into getting a bird feeder!

    Thanks for the inspiration and for sharing this for Favourite Things Friday.

  4. Noisy little beggars but so cheeky and fun to watch! My dogs love to chase them out of the fruit trees but they know the dogs are only small and can't really do anything so they just keep eating the peaches! Visiting from FTF :-)

  5. Those are pretty little birds. I imagine though, that the hubs and I would go insane if we heard that much noise regularly.

  6. I love lorikeets, we have them in the bottlebrush trees just off the verandah. Noisy little buggers, yes, but they are so pretty to look at. I used to have a feeder for them but since getting my fur babies, I can't feed them anymore.

  7. I think you just found you next palette. These are amazing looking birdies. I can believe they are right there on your patio..... I so love that you share part of the world I could only have imagined before.

    Have a wonderful weekend,

  8. Ohhh...they are so pretty! It's amazing that something so beautiful, which I would only see in cages or zoos here, is right there at your bird feeder. I have had a few parakeets, and I know how noisy they can be, but those birds are sure lovely to look at.

  9. I can see why these bright and beautiful birds are one of your favorite things! They're so bright and cheerful, they're like flying quilts. In the States we have blue jays that are a dull medium blue, and cardinals that are a lovely shade of red, but no birds as brightly colored as these. Thanks so much for sharing this favorite thing. I so enjoyed it.

  10. Wow, so colourful! We have parakeets living wild in England and they are noisy too, like great squadrons of budgies tweeting.

  11. Beautiful! I can see why they are one of your favorite things!

  12. My hubby hates the birds at dawn, as sometimes dawn around here seems to be 5 am and earlier and he is a light sleeper. We get the Lorikeets in one of our connifers and in the cocos palm when it has fruit, they show now fear which the kids love.

  13. I was lucky enough to get DownUnder last year and see (and hear!) Lorikeets for myself. Took some rather fuzzy photos of some rainbows eating a fallen mango in Port Douglas.

  14. Beautiful coloured Lorikeets worth looking at so have to put up with the noise! Lovely stuff.x

  15. I can totally see why these birds would be one of your favorite things. They are gorgeous! And they are wild? Wow! I would love that. We get the occasional robin and little mud finches, which I love to see, but nothing as pretty as that! Thanks for a great FTF share.

    xo -E

  16. What a treat to be able to see these beautiful birds outside your window! They would be one of my favorite thigs too Helsie:>)

  17. They always bring a smile to my face too. Always on the lookout for them