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Thursday, September 23, 2010


My comfy recliner chair !

Does this say something about me or what ?!!!
I've only owned this chair for about 4 years - we bought a new suite for our family room when we moved into this house.
So we have a recliner chair each.

It's a good place to store my learn-to-crochet rug.

It's where I sit to work on my learn-to-crochet rug !!

And sometimes, when the recliner is in position, ...........

it's where I rest when I'm working on my learn-to-crochet rug !!



  1. Wonderful that you have a chair for your blanket!!!! I'm so glad it shares with you ☺

  2. Oooh! What a comfy chair! How lovely to cuddle up with your crocheting. Great favorite! :o) Happy Friday! Larri at Seams Inspired

  3. That is one snuggly looking chair! It just engulfs you, like a big hug. I can see why it's among your favorites.

  4. I think I'd spend a lot of time snoozing in a chair like that! Your blanket is coming on great guns and looks just the thing to snuggle up with in your comfy chair (not that you need to snuggle in your neck of the woods eh?!)


  5. My husband wanted a recliner for years we have settled on a all in one suite that has recliners each end, and he hardly ever put the foot bit up. Mind you doesn't stop him from falling asleep every night in front of the TV (which is good because then I get custody of the remote).

  6. That chair looks so comfy I am jealous - we have an old and very uncomfortable couch here. Love getting back to my leather chair and couch when I go home.

  7. Who wouldnt love a chair like that? It looks so comfy! My parents have chairs that lull you to sleep when you sit in them. (At least that's what my Dad says)

    Your blanket looks great too.

    Thanks for visitng and sharing your Favourite Thing this Friday!

  8. I don't think I'd get much work on the blanket done in a chair like that. Snnnooooze!

  9. I don't think I'd get much done in your chair except sleeping!

    We have comfy chairs that are the equivalent of a sleeping pill. You're knocked out cold in about 3 minutes once you've sat in them! haha

  10. Aww, everyone needs a chair like that. :)

  11. Nice rug and comfortable looking recliner. I blog from my recliner - between naps.

  12. YOur chair looks so awfully comfy! Enjoy every minute you spend in it.

  13. Certainly looks like you have learned to crochet and that rug is serving a good purpose keeping you cosy during a well earned nap! I'm still hooking away on my Attic24 granny stripe and am finally on to the border now. Hooray!

  14. You are too cute... But, does your recliner have a name like mine......MARTIN.... remember Frazier... You look just like me...te-he

    What fun you have been having while I was away. So much to see and read. Stunningly, fun pictures as always. So, glad to be back around with all my friends in blogland.


  15. Ahhhh.... what a comforting post.

  16. My hubby loves recliners! I'm not as fond of them because, for some strange reason, they won't stay reclined for me. I do love to put my legs and feet up though. You look so comfortable and your crochet throw is getting huge!