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Thursday, September 9, 2010


I hate to bring this up but do you realise that Christmas is approaching fast?
My CWA Craft group is talking Christmas projects !
Like these lovely wall hangings......

I've made a vow to myself that I will get in and finish off those lingering projects of mine before I start anything else.

So today I put in a couple of hours on my table mats ( No photos yet but let's hope there will be a big ta-dah happening soon !)

and tonight I worked on my crochet Afgan ( I think that's what you call it !)

It measures about 80cm ( 2ft 8in ) now so it is getting close to being finished.
I must say that I have found it great to work on and very addictive.

I'd better get back to it !!! .............



  1. Love all of it, but especially the wall hangings and table mat. I saw a whole quilt done like your wall ganging last year and it looked so beautiful. I cant crochet at all by the way and really admire people who can!

    I love Christmas. I really want to do a table runner this year , but like you I feel I have to get some of the WIP's knocked off first.

  2. I've been reminded by xmas cards in our local charity shop and xmas pies in the supermarket already!
    I was planning to make lots of xmas goodies this year, but until the "dirty" work is done in the house, I won't be able to unpack my sewing room. I enlarged the top pic and it looks like tiny yo-yos. How cute!

  3. You had to go and remind me that the holidays are fast approaching. I struggle every year with finding those perfect gifts. I would be snatching up that tree quilt A.S.A.P....

    You are doing a wonderful job on your Grannie Square Afghan. See, we told you it was addictive. Just wait until you start collecting yarn on every trip. I for one can't wait to see your stash grow....


  4. Oh Don't! At least for you Christmas is synonomous with summer whereas for us it means dark days and long nights and cold! I noticed that Marks and Spencer have Christmas cards on display already! I liked the fact that in France Christmas didn't show its face until December!!

    Well done with your crochet - it is addictive isn't it?

    Have just had a long chat with my daughter who is not that far away from your neck of the woods in the outback (I know what that means now too!)


  5. Those are beautiful wall and table quilts! I'm already thinking Christmas because it is my favorite time of the year. Your granny throw is pretty. I found a pretty edging in one of my crochet magazines that I am going to use on my Black Beauty throw which I am now ready to start. You will love crocheting. It's so much fun. We are having lovely weather here - sunny - hot - but low humidity. We have lots of projects to work on around the house so we will be busy this fall. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Ahhhhhhhhhhh..... music to my ears! I love Christmas!

  7. I hadn't really thought about Christmas yet! I looooovveee the afghan! you are doing so well with it Helen - excellent.x

  8. Christmas seems to be getting earlier every year. I went into Selfridges last week and they have a huge area in the basement devoted to all things Christmas!

  9. I really like the wall hangings and only yesterday I got out a Xmas project I would like to glitz up a bit, just need supplies ☺

    Its wonderful that you are enjoying crochet as we all do.

  10. Your projects are all looking great Helen. I started making my Christmas cards today!

  11. I really don't want to think about Christmas just yet.... ;0-)