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Saturday, February 6, 2016


Summer is the time that snakes become more active here in Oz
and this Summer they seem to be more active than usual.

It's not so uncommon to see a snake slithering across the path as you walk in bushy, grassy areas in parks and gardens. 
Mostly they don't bother people but this year there have been a lot more people than usual who have been bitten by them.

The one below is a Common Brown Snake.

Brown snakes seem to be the ones that are most common in biting incidents and part of the problem may be in identifying them.
This group below are all Brown snakes and as you can see they are all definitely not brown in colour !

I like to give them a WIDE berth .......

and the one photographed recently in Cardwell, North Queensland (NOT a Brown snake this time ! ) would certainly have me moving in the opposite direction ....

F A S T.........!


  1. The snake in Cardwell is scary!What a sight.Was it out on a public road or in an enclosure?

    1. It was on the side of a public road Barbara. Scary 'eh ?

  2. I have to admit I skipped quickly over the photos. I hate snakes; I can't stand them. I even hate looking at pictures of them. I've had a few dealings with them...a few too many for my liking.

    1. Rather have a snake than a spider any day Lee L

    2. Spiders don't bother me, Helsie, but snakes do. Spiders have never killed a cat of mine, but a snake has. Plus I've had my share of them intrude uninvited into my space here where I live, too. I just do not...can not abide them.

      And fortunately one night, at five minutes to midnight, two years ago, 5th January - I was woken by a noise...one of my cats knocking a painting off the wall near my bed. When I turned on my bedside light I was confronted with a snake about 10 or more feet bearing down towards my head...its head was about 2 feet away from my own. That was an exciting evening....and that is just one story...I have others.

      You can have the snakes...I'll keep the spiders. :)

  3. That snake in Cardwell is a bit scary.

    Helen, just check your dates on your previous three blog posts. I think they must all have 3/1/16 which is why they are in the wrong order. If you are using Blogger, you change the date on the right hand side when you go into edit them.

    1. Carol, 3/1/16 was the date I made the first draft of them. Thought I'd be clever and load photos then come back and write the posts but no matter when I posted them they went up under the same date , the 3 rd ! Revamped this one and added that huge snake in Cardwell into a whole new post. You live and learn !

  4. Surely that last picture is of a garden hosepipe and not a snake! And the penultimate picture is surely of a bowl of spaghetti in an upmarket Italian restaurant. All it needs is a grating of parmesan. Mmm - yummy!