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Sunday, January 3, 2016


When we bought this house there was a large patio out the back.
In Queensland we like to sit outside when we entertain on these patios and they are often shaded by pergolas.
We were lucky as ours was under the roof of the house so there was not  problem with that.

The problem was that our house is on the top of a hill with a large exposure to the western, afternoon sun....
and the western, afternoon sun is fiercely hot in Queensland !

So to cool the house down and prevent the afternoon sun from boiling those inside the house
and to be able to use this outdoor area we enclosed it with shutters.
(Of course on hot days we just stay inside in the air conditioning. )

We furnished it and lived with it for ten years and were relatively happy with it but recently we felt ready for a change.

So off we went looking and before long the old stuff was packed up and sold on
and new furniture arrived.

This is the new look.
We're going French Provincial - a style I love and which suits our climate.
( I already have it in my bedroom. )

I love the white , it makes it all light and airy.

It's still a work in progress.

The coffee table has to go.
We think we (Tony !) will have a go at painting it white.

and we will just work on bits and pieces to enhance the look.

We're pretty happy with it so far.



  1. The new furniture looks great Helen. Have a look on Pinterest for ideas of what to do with your coffee table. Perhaps some white chalk paint rubbed back and a bees wax finish.

  2. I love your new furniture, Helen. It looks wonderful. And I adore the plantation shutters...I always have. I think they are just the greatest.

    Carol's idea re the coffee table is a good one...make it "shabby chic".

  3. Yes Carol and Lee that is the plan. Then we are moving to the entry and lounge and dining rooms.. Won't take much, just a few touches. Watch this space !

  4. How lovely! What a lovely room. You have so much space, I'm envious.

  5. A lovely new look and so much lighter.I wish I had your space and some of your sunshine.

  6. Yes. It does look better Helen. Time to put on your leather thigh boots, grab your bullwhip and get Tony to work on that coffee table!

  7. It looks fab! Love the style and I agree, the white makes it looks so much lighter and airier! Ros

  8. How elegant it looks Helsie. I love the style you've chosen, and the plantation shutters are perfect.
    We have a similar, 'L' shaped area attached to our house, but because of our cold winters, and hot summers, we have air con/heat and double glazed "patio" (sliding) doors with vertical blinds. Those shutters would look so much more attractive. We really are in need of a makeover, so thank you for giving me some ideas.