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Thursday, September 23, 2010


This sad old tissue box cover has to go.
It's old and grubby ( you can see how grubby when you are up close )
and falling apart.
The colour scheme doesn't really fit into this house either.

So, with this piece of material left over from the cushions in the family room, I set about making a new one.

Wadding first, then cut out the material to fit an old tissue box.

A bit of craft glue and some pegs to hold it till it dries.

Cut the hole in the top and glue it down, some binding to finish it off and ...

Voila !!

Another project finished !



  1. Brilliant and 10 out of 10 for recycling/reusing/reducing etc!! Looks very pretty yet not too frou frou as so many of the ones you cn buy do. Did you find your brunchcoat yet?

    Had a postcard from Brisbane last week - no not my daughter who never does cards - but from my sister-in-law from Melbourne. She had been up in your region on holiday! I thought of you.

    Jane x

  2. Jane:
    Still on the hunt for a brunch coat but have had lots of emails from friends telling me to try lingerie specialty shops so I shall continue the hunt next week. Apparently they are out there so I'm sure I'll find one !
    Lots of Melbourne folks come to Queensland for a holiday in our usually warm, sunny Winter weather. Their Winters down there are usually wet and cold. We've had a bit of rain ourselves this year but even then it is much warmer here during the day.
    When are you coming out to visit them?!!

  3. Is it a law in Australia that one's tissue box cover must match the cushions in one's family room? Or one's dishes? Or both? Don't your legislators have anything better to do?

    Inquiring minds want to know.

  4. rhymeswithplague:
    No, we just have good taste that's all!

  5. Thanks for sharing how to do this. I don't need a tissue box cover but will use the concept for covering other things in pretty fabric.

  6. Very stylish. And great tutorial too xx

  7. Very pretty Helsie! I will be posting abut my new tissue box cover soon. We must think alike.

  8. Very pretty and oh so simple! I'm going to remember how to do this.

  9. Oh very smart! you've shamed me, I have one of those box covers for the last 3 years and have not covered it :o

  10. Ok prior to your post I had no idea how to do this and now I feel like a complete goose because your tutorial just made it look so simple!

  11. I wish I had the time to do all the craft things I wanted. I would be doing things like that all the time. I think it's a very nice thing to do with left-over matching material. I made a lampshade with left-over curtain material once, to get a pretty match.