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Tuesday, September 7, 2010


While we were in Sydney on Saturday we came upon this weird flower in a street landscape near Brett's unit.

It's a Gymea Lilly.

Odd isn't it ?

It got me thinking about Australian Native Flowers and how different they are.

Here are a few more Australian Natives.

This one's called Kangaroo Paw.

Then there is Bottlebrush.....


and Grevillea.

Of course there are heaps more but these are really common and they are mostly in flower now.

We have a lot of Grevilleas in our backyard and it is a mass of flowers at the moment which means birds - and very noisy ones at that. Looking back over my posts I wrote about them here and here if you remember.

Spring is definitely here with temperatures around 24 degrees .
Lovely weather! ( hope it lasts a while before it gets hot !)


  1. Hope you won't be setting an end of term exam Helsie as although we should all be a lot wiser I am not sure I'll remember all the names!! These flowers are certainly unlike anything we have here and quite exotic. How tall was that strange one in Sydney? It's hard to tell if it was as tal as the palm tree or if that was just because it was in the foreground. Lucky you to have such lovely warm temperatures - it's really getting much chillier here now especially in the mornings and evenings and 24 degrees would be a summer temperature for us!!

    Jane x

  2. PS I hope my comment above didin't sound sarcastic - I am truly enjoying learning about your lovely country and didn't mean it to sound that way at all - having just re-read it I realise I really should learn to proof read BEFORE posting!!

    J x

  3. No offence Jane . I am the one who needs to proof read as a friend has just rung to say that I have spelt "weird" wrong TWICE!!

  4. PS the Gymea Lilly stalk was about 10 foot high!

  5. I definitely need a lesson in proof reading then as I didn't notice your spelling error either - and to think I once taught typing!! Thanks for the info about the flower - that's some height isn't it? I will definitely have to come over and see some of the wonders for myself - to think until now I had never seen anything about Oz that made me want to go there!


  6. I used to think those Gymea lilies were a type of waratah - wonder if they are in the same family???
    Kangaroo Paw one of my favourites - but love all the natives - miss my garden!

  7. I have a red Bottlebrush too!!!!! Something Australian!!! Lovely photos Helsie.

  8. WOW...oh, so tall.. but that Kangaroo Paw is my favorite. It's so much fun seeing what you all have a bloomn' there. So, many new plants for my eye to feast upon.


  9. Wow that lily is wonderful. I've seen bottlebrush plants in the UK but not the others.