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Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I know,  I know !
We're well into December and I'm lagging behind on the Christmas front.

Thought I'd better get a move along and since the temperature has dropped considerably ( lowest December temperature for 100 years today - 19C !!!) I'm feeling much more in the mood.

So a new Christmas header that shows what Christmas is like in Queensland is now in place.
I know many of you think it looks like fun in the warm sun
and when you are young and love to frolic on the beach in the sun I guess it is.

But I'm hankering for a Christmas like  this!

These are the types of Christmas cards that I've grown up with even though they have no relevance to our  Aussie Christmas.

Yesterday I walked the shops till my feet were throbbing looking for Aussie style cards to no avail.

I found these on the Internet.

Does this make you feel like Christmas ??? ( I don't think so !)

This one is much better.

I'm not giving up.
There must be some nice Aussie style cards out there somewhere.
I'd better hurry up or it will be too late to post them.

I'll keep you posted !
( Sorry I couldn't help myself !)



  1. Of course you could make some of your own Helen!! It might be easier and save your feet?

  2. Every year I say I would love to be on the beach at Christmas, but in my heart of hearts, I wouldnt exchange my fire, the frost sparkling on the trees and the hope of snow!

  3. Im running woefully behind too. In fact Im pretty sure I wont have to worry about Christmas cards this year (Aussie style or any other kind ) because there is no way Im going to have time to send any.

    Good luck with finding the perfect cards!

  4. It's not always a 'picture postcard' situation Helen. Do you remember those pictures of Foody in the four foot snow drifts? And snow is cold, bl***y cold especially for an old frail pensioner like me. (He,he)
    Hey Kath. You can easily spend Christmas on the beach -
    - at Minehead! (He,he,shiver,shiver!)

  5. Jane: The trouble is my home-made cards always look pretty home made ... and I want some Aussie-looking cards for overseas.
    Kath: Yep, that's the image I have in my mind.
    Shay: We'd better get our butts into gear !
    Bernard: You know what they say about the grass being greener. I just want a little snow and a cosy fire like Kath says.

  6. I was in a card shop the other day and was actually wondering what Aussie christmas cards looked like! I didn't expect them to be all so familiar to me, I thought you would have snow free ones, perhaps focused on elements of christmas like nativity or trees or decorations or whatever!

  7. I picked up some lovely aussie xmas cards in my local newsagent and also in the $2 cards in the chemist warehouse and I noticed the Post Office near me had some lovely ones too (Ashgrove West).

    I cannot believe how cold it is here today! and it is still raining... and my washing is still out on the clothesline! and I don't care:-)....
    because this weather is.....