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Tuesday, December 1, 2009


First of all let me explain that I'm not an early riser.
I'm a night owl - never in bed 'til midnight.

Oh, I wake up early enough but I like to lie in and doze. Go back to sleep for a bit.
Never, if I can help it, actually get up 'til 7 o'clock.
Now that I can.
Now that I'm retired........( though it's not so easy in the Summer )
and I explained before my love of trees
So let me tell you about the flowering gums that are also in flower at the moment. We have one....

Here it is in bud. It's only a baby tree.
Our neighbours at the back have a big one and it is just starting to flower and the native birds especially the lorikeets, LOVE it.....

..... and that's where my talk about sleeping in comes in.

At the moment that is impossible. It's 6:00am and here I am at the computer writing this post. I've already been out taking photos for you!

(This is an old picture of lorikeets so you know what they look like !)

Lorikeets are very noisy birds. They screech. They quarrel with eachother. They fight over food, branches, flowers......
But  they never come in ones. There are always lots of them and the noise they make high up in the trees WAKES YOU UP !!!!
Now when I went to take some photos for you this morning I learnt a lesson on camouflage.
 I've always wondered about the bright colour of the lorikeets and if their colours made them easy to see. Put them in danger from predators.
But look. Can you spot them in the flowering gum?

Here it is !

or here

Can you see this one ?

or this one?


They are after the honey in the flowers.


Isn't nature clever?
Just as well that I love birds as well as trees!!!


  1. Beaautiful post Helsie - sorry the birds are so noisy! 6 o'clock in the morning here is pitch black at the moment and this morning was really frosty - I had to defrost the car to drive to the swimming pool with my friend (Iknow we are mad)! Brrr!!!!! x

  2. Hi Helsie - I love the flowering gums, used to have the irridescent orange one, a pink one and the red one. I miss them living in an apartment now.
    Funnily enough, I had lorikeets on the balcony railing this morning. But they were a pair who were just quitely talking to each other :-)

  3. Hi Helsie,
    Your posts are so interesting. I learn about new trees and new birds! I had never heard of either of these. I think the name of the birds "Lorikeets" is so cute. They must be related to "parakeets"? You can't see them in the trees but you sure can hear them. Our birds are heading south now. I leave my birdbath out all year (it is heated for winter). Several kinds of birds stay in the area all year long. I enjoy watching them. PS - I was thrilled to see my latest post in your sidebar. That's the first time I have seen "ME" in a blogger's side post. Have a Good Day!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)