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Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Most nights we eat outside in our "Garden Room" when the sun has set and the breeze is there to cool us.


It's very pleasant and at this time of year we BBQ several times a week.

Cool salads , steak, chicken skewers - Summer food.

But we have uninvited guests.
These little fellows....

Asian House Geckos. They run all over the ceiling searching for food.

They are illegal immigrants.
Stowaways most likely.....
.... and in plague proportions.

Oh, they eat the bugs and spiders .......

Not too many Red Backs around at the moment ! A blessing as they are a close relative to the Black Widow and quite poisonous. ( photo from internet as there aren't any around thank goodness ! )

Geckos make a loud call "Cluck, cluck, cluck" when they are on the prowl and they are breeding like flies.
I think they'll take over the world the way they're going!


  1. the bbq looks yummy! the critters not so much. we have those around the screened pool and sometime they sneak in the house and the hunt is on, our 4 kitties love to get them.

  2. Hi Helsie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Yes, 'meeting' friends from all over the world makes me smile too! ... eeek, geckos ... not sure I could cope with them running around! Although, I suppose I cope with the mice my cats bring in, so maybe geckos are not so bad! I'm off for a browse around your lovely blog.

    Willow xx

  3. First, eating out in a "Garden Room"... I'm so jealous, but in a good way. We love to BBQ here all summer as well. But, we sure don't have fun guest like you do. They are very cute, but how many of those sliced eggs did they get.

  4. OMG! Helsie. I'm shocked!
    How do you get rid of them? Nice to have a Garden Room to sit on an evening. Your salad looks so yummy! BBQ's too, what a nice way to spend an evening.
    Hugs and Love Suex

  5. Helsie - the spider made me shiver - the Gecos look ok - I remember those from when we have spent time in Spain - though not in such great numbers! Still your garden room is lovely and the food looks mouthwatering - we are freezing over here with snow expected brrr!!!!! Kim x

  6. Helsie,

    Thanks for stopping by, Turtle lives in the state of Virginia and We live in Florida so we are about 12 hours from them :( there is nothing better than being a grandparent!