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Sunday, December 6, 2009


Can you guess where we went on the weekend?

It was just my luck to have a window seat on the plane and then be on the wrong side to take the photo that I wanted for my blog !
Well, can you guess where this is?
OK, to be fair I'll show you a better photo of where we went then you might recognise the city.
Does this help?

or this?

Yes , we went to Sydney for the day.
It's an hour and a half flight from Brisbane so we went down early and were back at home around 8:00pm.
A long but enjoyable day to visit number one son and his partner for Christmas as they will be spending the day with her family this year.

Sydney Harbour is always beautiful. We took these photos on a previous visit.

and on the way home we flew over Bondi Beach ( the crescent of sand you can see below)

We had to zigzag our way through these stormy clouds on the way home.

Made for a bumpy trip home!



  1. Hi Helsie,
    I'm taking a break from Christmas decorating. We have a little bit of snow still on the ground here. Because of our new flat screen HD TV in our family room we've not putting up a tree in there so when we have the TV mounted on the wall there is room for the installers. We will put our cheap, slim Christmas tree up in the living room. I'm just so slow this year - don't know what the problem is. Glad you had a good trip - enjoyed the pictures. Tell us about your home town. I have no idea where it is located or what size it is. I've never been abroad just to Canada a few times and once into Mexico. Well, our sheets are done drying - have to go make our bed.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  2. I would love to visit downunder someday...glad you had a wonderful day with your son! I will keep the pioneer stories coming.