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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Usually I'm a bit ho hum about Christmas, a bit of an Ebeneezer Scrooge.
I love to get together with the family but it is all TOO HOT !
But this year I feel a bit different - more into it . Actually looking forward to it a bit.

This year we're not the hosts ( perhaps THAT has something to do with it !!!) so it will be less hectic in the heat and with less to organise, less to clean up, less to run around setting up I think I'm looking forward to it !

So, yesterday I bought a cute new Santa.

and some other bits to get me in the mood.

Then on the way home in the car I came upon a house - not far from home - all ready for the season.

My, the owners have been hard at work

 Can't wait to see it all lit up.


  1. Hi Helsie - sometimes I too need a nudge to get back the festive feeling to remind me its not all "Retail magic".
    And that home is fantastic - I would so lose myself for ages looking around at it lit up at night

  2. Hi Helsie,
    I love your Santa! I have a few that I display together - last year I put them on my coffee table in the living room. It's cooler here and I still am behind in getting started with my Christmas stuff and I love to decorate for Christmas. Maybe it's just getting older and slowing down. We thought about staying home for Christmas for the first time in 35 years (i.e., not traveling out of state to see family) but in the end we decided to go home. Our parents have passed but we both have brothers and their families to see back home. I wish I could have one more Christmas with our parents. Oh well, at least I have memories of wonderful times together.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. Hi Helsie!
    Pleased to meet you too! So pleased you stopped over my blog. Now this post is pretty interesting, how lovely for someone to make such a lot of effort. Those reindeer reminded me of the local garden centre, they have just had a load pinched! Along with a Christmas tree i had ordered. Glad to say they managed to get me another one. I'm loving your blog, I've seen your name before, and I'm so pleased you popped over. Hope we can be online friends!
    Hugs and Love Suex
    Great blog, so....pretty!!

  4. Hi Helsi - your neighbours are going to have a huuggee electricity bill!!!! I love your ho! ho! ho! santa - I always text that to my daughter around christmas when she feels a bit homesick and it cheers her up. Glad you are feeling a bit more festive - Im sure it helps not being the host - it takes the pressure off a bit. Have a great day K x