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Monday, December 28, 2009


Wooo................ Hoooo......................


Is anybody out there ?

I feel like I'm out here all on my own. !

I've been looking .... looking ....... looking ....... but the only persons I've heard from are Kate and Sue.

I haven't known you all long but gee I miss you.

Makes it a bit harder when I'm a day ahead of you and I'm ready to go and you're all still doing Christmas stuff !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you are all blogging again soon.



  1. beautiful flowers, hope you have a joyful Christmas holiday!

  2. Hi Helsie,
    Hope you had a great Christmas! We were staying at a hotel with very SLOW internet so I didn't get much blogging done while back home visiting family for Christmas. Hubby and I were so glad to get home this afternoon. We got up at 6:30 AM, left the hotel at 8 AM and got home at 4:15 PM. It's about 450 miles of driving (I ride - hubby drives). We had snow in Cleveland over night and discovered we didn't have an ice scraper with us so we had to borrow one from the hotel office to clean off our car full of ice and snow this morning. Now to just relax through New Years - we have lots of new books to read and new DVDs to watch. Oh, it's so good to be home.

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  3. Me again. We like to stay home for New Years Eve. I fix Paps Pizza Bread (hubby's family recipe) and carrots with Paps Dip (another Hubby's family recipe) and Chocolate Pie (my moms recipe) and we watch new DVDs until midnight and then we go to bed. We have gone to our neighbors for New Years in the past but we prefer to just relax and stay home. Oh, I wanted to ask you "What is Boxing Day?" Well, I'm done blogging for tonight. See you tomorrow!

    Teacup Lane (Sandy)

  4. YOU are Too Cute!.... I'm guessing some are taking this week off here as the kids are out of school. We have also had quite a wild weather week in many part of the US..... They will all be back sooooooooon....

    I'll send you a BIG Hugs of Love tonight...

    Cold and grey here today, nothing really to blog, but I'll try to be back tomorrow...

  5. I am here Helsie. I always follow your beautiful blog, but don't always comment !

  6. Hi Helsie

    I'm taking a short blogging break - my parents have come to stay with us and we're having lots of fun doing .... not a lot actually ... but that's rather nice!!

    Will be back in the New Year. Keep well.

    Kate x