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Saturday, January 8, 2011


Well, here in Brisbane the rain continues to bucket down
keeping the temperature cool
and everything soggy.
Those dry, brown, crackly lawns are but a memory as we paddle around in our soggy backyards
and the lawns are growing before our eyes.

Today's papers are full of stories about the floods up north where people are watching and waiting,
hoping the water will start to go
and they can return to reclaim their flooded homes and businesses.

I've scanned in a few of the items from this morning's paper.

Luckily a lot of homes in the north are highset - built on stilts we say - to catch the breezes and provide extra area underneath to accommodate cars and laundries.
It also means you are sometimes protected from floodwaters like these people.


In another town some individuals set about building their own levy banks to try to keep the floodwaters out of their homes.
This fellow is sitting on the top of his home made levy bank.

Lots of sandbagging has been done everywhere.......

and community spirit is high in most areas
with neighbours helping neighbours.


These two chaps below have the right idea.

But through it all

boys will be boys !!



  1. I've had enough rain, Helen, 220mm (just short of 9 inches) since 5 am today so far and it's still raining. I've been out digging trenches to try and divert the run off.
    They have forecast that it will move further south overnight, I really hope you don't get it as bad, in Brisbane. The Maroochy River at Eumundi is over 6 metres at the moment. That is considered major flooding.

  2. I dont think anyone really had any idea how serious this really was until it started affecting half of your lovely state. Let's hope that assistance is provided quickly to those most in need as soon as possible after the flood waters recede.

  3. Bob and Neville reported that as well as having to deal with the flooding, they also had to contend with looters. To loot in such circumstances has got to be one of the lowest and most reprehensible activities that any human being can be involved in. It's on a par with gassing Jews and child molestation.

  4. I don't watch TV much, so I've missed a lot of the news on the flooding there. I hope they have good relief efforts going on.

    No rain here, it's been snowing.

  5. It's good to hear of people pulling together. looting is disgraceful. The human race is so shameful at times.
    Oh dear, we had a little bit of flooding today. Not here but on my way to work. Compared to yours, it was just a puddle, but what a big fuss peope made about it.