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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Today (Monday) is the final day of the New Year break. All that Christmas / New Year fuss is over and done with and we can return to normal tomorrow. The workers are probably sorry about that, but I for one will be glad to see things go back to normal, though of course it is still school holidays for another four weeks here in Oz so shopping centres are full of school kids and the sales are in full swing.
Hot Cross Buns have made their first appearance in the supermarkets and it won't be long before winter clothes will be in the shops despite the temperature hovering around the 30 degree mark.

I'm a little ashamed to say it, but while the people in northern Queensland have been struggling with rising floodwaters, Tony and I have been off to the movies today.

We went to see this:

If you're from the UK or any Commonwealth country especially, you don't want to miss this film but the story has a universal appeal.
Wow what a winner - a fantastic story with superb acting from the whole cast.

Colin Firth is brilliant as King George VI.

The clothes are fantastic and very authentic.

Helena Bonham-Carter is perfect as Queen Elizabeth ( the Queen Mother )

and our own Geoffrey Rush is delightful as the Australian speech therapist.


Guy Pearce ( who we claim as an Aussie though he was in fact born in England ) plays the debonair Prince of Wales

Such a lovely film - parts were very funny, parts were very sad .

It provided an insight into the life of King George VI ( Bertie to his friends ) and the pressures that come with being a royal.

Go and see it if you can. It's a winner !



  1. I'd heard this had very good reviews. Good to see you liked it.

    I'll have to drag someone off to see it (Goodness knows if I suggested it to Mr. P he'd look like I grew snakes out of my head and started speaking Swahili)

    I saw the worst movie ever last night on DVD. Thats 90 minutes of my life Im never getting back, and I watched it against my better judgement.

    LOVE the makeover! Just gorgeous. Very you.

  2. I'm definitely going to see this one. The reviews have been fantastic and anything with Colin Firth AND Geoffrey Rush in it, has to be great!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I haven't been to the cinema for years but will look out for this film. When we lived in France we didn't go as of course the films were all dubbed in French if not actually made in French and I thought that once we were back in UK i might go occasionally but it has just never happened - my husband doesn't usually like the sort of thing I like and I haven't got round to going alone but this one might well be something we would both enjoy.


  4. I love anything with Colin Firth in it! We don't go to the movies much anymore...can't stand the small theaters...people talking....sound too loud....I could go on and on. I'll wait until it is out on DVD.

  5. it opens in cinemas here this week and we will be going to see it. Not being fantastic at geography I was wondering if the floods were affecting you but you sound safe enough.

  6. I took the family to see it the day after it opened, and it is one of the better films I've seen. Wonderful in every respect.I do have two quibbles though: first, that I thought the princesses were not well played as older girls in the last year (1939) of the film, and second,I did think that "Bertie" was just a little too pompous in some scenes. Would he really have said that bit to Lionel Logue about having "divine right" to rule? - I think not.

  7. Hi from North wales.This is a film that we have said we must see.Glad you can recommend it.I am also a retired teacher.there has been a lot on our news about the floods and it is difficult to take in the scale of the problem.Hope it stops soon.

  8. "Geoffrey Rush is delightful as the Australian speech therapist"...Good heavens, that would be a big job - providing elocution lessons to 22 million Aussies! Mind you back in 1935 there were only about 7 million Aussies. I simply cannot understand what has caused the population explosion.

  9. We saw this last week - well worth seeing.
    Acting great and clothing fabulous - I realise there was poetic licence involved but I did wonder at times if thats what really happened
    Rocky and the Far North are really doing it hard at the moment - wonder where all this water will end up?

  10. That looks like a film not to be missed, Colin Firth is one of my favourite actors........sorry to hear of floods in your part of the world.

    florrie x

  11. I had never heard of it. It looks a great cast. Yummy Colin Firth.
    I love your little koala, by the way.

  12. Hi Helen!
    yes I saw Colin on the TV this morning. The film will be brilliant! I saw a trailer and the music is gorgeous!
    I can't wait for it to get to our cinema.
    HappY nEW yEAR
    to you and your family,
    Hugs Suex

  13. I have the same New Year's Resolution every year and I always stick to it - it's never to make a New Year's Resolution!

  14. I'm really looking forward to this film. Hope to see it at the weekend.

    Glad to hear you are not affected by all the terrible flooding in Queensland.