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Sunday, January 23, 2011


The flood clean up continues here today.
Many homes have now been cleared and hosed down.
Lots of interrior walls have been removed as plasterboard doesn't survive water
and mud has been hosed out from every nook and cranny.
Kitchen cupboards, lounge suites etc have been discarded but some solid timber furniture has survived.

The crowds of helpers have been transported by bus to areas where help is needed and lots have driven themselves too.
During the day people have been turning up to distribute food -
sausages in bread rolls
all arrive along with cold drinks and tea and coffee vans.
All this food is donated by people just wanting to do something to help.

I'm so proud of my fellow Australians.

The links below are short videos about the "Mud Army" as they are now being called....

and this effort at "poetry" appeared on a neighbourhood website today.

In answer to the Lord Mayor’s call
They came from far and wide
On buses, in cars and walking
To push back the muddy tide 

They came in to clean our suburbs
 With buckets, gloves and mop
And went out somewhat blackened
From their toes to their top .

“Tell me where to start” said some
Who had never met ‘til now
“I’m here for whatever you need -
Please just show me how”

It was tradies, suits and teenagers
Retirees and kids alike
Brisbane’s proud mud army
A true inspiring sight

And then the Aussie army came
With trucks and diggers and men
These boys have only just come back
From the wilds of Afghanistan

But they weren’t the only ones
The boys in blue came too
As did the firies and the SES
All heroes through and through

And when the sun set on Sunday night
It was a sight to behold
This proud mud army stood as one
Around a beer with stories told

In true Queenslander Spirit
This city will rise again
On the backs of our mud army
We will remember them.



  1. What wonderful spirit your fellow countrymen have! Reminds me of stories of the Blirz in London back in the war. Your city will rise again if not from the ashjes then from the mud I am sure.


  2. It certainly makes me very proud to be Australian. It's simply amazing to see all these people come to help people in need, wonderful!

  3. They're doing a marvellous job. I love seeing people pull together to make great things happen.

    Hope you're still doing well.

  4. Such an amazing thing to see everyone come together. I hope that means that things are starting to get better.

  5. In striving for the accolade of best-ever Australian poet, Christopher Brennan and Adam Lindsay Gordon clearly have new competition. Mind you, it does warm the cockles of your heart when you see how very good people can be when push comes to shove.

  6. It's wonderful to see people helping each other out in times of need. Thank you for posting these links. I haven't seen anything on the news over here showing how you were dealing with the aftermath.