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Sunday, January 30, 2011


This is Dash, our Australian Cattle dog cross.

She was dumped into my daughter's front yard as a small puppy about 11 years ago.
She was lucky, she was immediately adopted by Sally.
When Sally headed overseas we were asked to mind her two dogs for her while she was gone for two years.

Well, the two years turned into five and then she couldn't have her dogs with her where she was renting
and by then we had had the dogs for seven years so they have stayed with us!

We love them, they are our dogs though they adore Sally whenever she comes home.

Dash is a lovely dog ...... with one bad habit.

Every now and then she rips things to pieces !

She's been known to rip up her bed, strewing downy stuffing all over the yard like snow.

She's an old lady now...  you'd think that sort of thing was in her past but this morning,
when no-one was looking.....
and she was supposed to be sleeping peacefully in the kitchen....
she did this to her bed !!

Obviously just a moment of madness !
 It was just there and she just had to give it a little yank....
and that ripping noise is soooo delicious !!!

Then, we went out for a couple of hours and when we returned we found this...

Luckily, I've learnt not to leave good sheets on the line.

This is HER sheet she's ripped !!

She's very sorry......

She knows she shouldn't do it........

She says she doesn't know what comes over her.

She just can't resist that  delicious  ripping sound !!



  1. Oh dear, our dogs can be so naughty at times but we can't help but love them. :) I think sometimes they remember when they were a puppy and how exciting it was, and well as your photos testify, they let it all hang out.
    She's a gorgeous girl your Dash. Please give her a big cuddle from me.

    Anne xx

  2. This was a very funny post and made my giggle. How sweet. :)

  3. She does look very sorry........very hansome dog.

    Because of problems I've been having with someone who reads my blog I've had to change my url yo:


    Hope you still visit,
    florrie x

  4. I'll swap you a Dash for a digging Lola at the moment.

    I used to have a dog that ate hose bits her whole life. I never broke her of it.

  5. I have found that with any female - animal or human - you just have to beat them with a big stick to eliminate their worst habits. Here Dash! Come to daddy....!

  6. We don't have any dogs (I'm very allergic), but Dash is a cutie. She does look sorry for all the trouble.

  7. Oh dear!!! Dash must be having a bad day!!!

  8. Oh Bless her. Mine chewed random, objects in their first few months with us, but not since, luckily, as there is plenty of stuff laying around for them to choose from :-O

  9. What a sweet-ie. Just say that you have a cyclone headed your way. Hang in there, once again. We are under a "blizzard" watch here. 18-24 inches predicted. We haven't had one this big in a long time. Are you like me and begining to wonder about this whole world weather thing. Scarey.

  10. Certainly fell on her feet living with you eh? Perhaps she is entering her second childhood being an older dog now - or maybe that would be her excuse.

    Jane x

  11. Naughty doggie! I didn't actually realise you had dogs. I can imagine it would be fun hearing that rrrrRRRRRiPPPPP!!!!

  12. Hello Helen,
    Oh dear it seems as though you have your hands full over there !
    A funny post I agree!
    Hugs Suex

  13. She was just doing a bit of redecorating! She's not bad, just particular about her choice of bedding!

    cute post!

  14. This is priceless! Huge hugs and a tummy rub for Dash... She is beautiful!!!