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Saturday, January 1, 2011


Apparently the area of flooding in Queensland is as big as France and Germany combined!!

The amount of devastation is enormous with whole towns being evacuated and services like electricity and water unavailable for who knows how long.

This flood meter shows the height the flood waters have reached in some places - that's metres on the scale !!!

Today is sunny here in Brisbane - about 28 degrees with a gentle breeze.
There are still showers about and you don't feel the humidity unless you move !

At least we don't have floods here in Brisbane.
Our dam is way above 100% full. I know that sounds peculiar but, in order to prevent flooding in Brisbane, the dam needs to be kept at a certain level and that level is called 100%. When it reaches that level there is a controlled release of water so that catastrophic flooding does not occur downstream.
If the dam was just allowed to fill then overflow it would be catastrophic and possibly wipe out  Brisbane and Ipswich and everything in between.( 100% full is only about half the holding capacity of the dam )

(I hope this explanation is not gobbledygook to you)

This scenario is what is happening in the Emerald area. The dam is overflowing over the top of the dam wall and Emerald has been completely evacuated and Rockhampton is completely cut off with their airport also under water.
Here is a video so you can see the volume that is flowing over the dam wall.

A road runs way above the dam wall. You can just see someone standing on it in the far left hand corner.
( Edit: oh no I've just enlarged the photo and it's a road sign I think !)
As this is only the beginning of the wet season we can only hope the rain will stop soon and allow the floodwaters to clear so people can begin reclaiming their homes.



  1. This is terrible isn't it? Some of the names I am hearing such as Rockhampton are places where our daughter was earlier so it seems more real to me here on the other side of the world. Cannot imagine what it must be like for the people whose homes are competely inundated and it's not clean water is it?! Do hope that the floods don't reach your part of Oz. This winter/summer has been bizarre around the world weatherwise hasn't it? Quite scary. Let's pray it isn't an omen for the rest of 2011.


  2. Terrible news, what a rotten start to the New Year. Fingers crossed for some let up for you all.

  3. The BBC described your floods as being "of biblical proportions". My heart goes out to all those affected and that photo of the kangaroo on a dry mound alerts us all to the probable decimation of wildlife in the area. So tragic.

  4. This is so sad.Especially with the bush fires still fresh in peoples memories.

  5. These floods are just heart breaking for all those involved. Years of drought and now this. It isnt fair.

    News reports suggest it will take these areas and people years to recover and doubtless there will be those who arent insured who have lost everything.

    Terrible times.

  6. I saw this on the news and couldn't believe it was the area of France and Germany combined! I feel so sorry for those affected. I am glad you are ok Helen, I wish you a Happy New Year x