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Sunday, June 12, 2011


Since I've been home I've been busy finishing off Brett's quilt ready for his birthday last Saturday.
I had it machine quilted before I went on holidays with just the binding left to do when I came home.

I must say I'm getting better with the binding - especially the mitred corners though I not going to show you a close up.

This is my fourth quilt and it was a design-as-you-go-to-try-and-avert-disaster sort of quilt but it taught me a lot in the process and I think it looks OK.

Now he and his partner have a TV Snuggler each and I think they might need it as the weather has become very cool very quickly ( coldest June day on record here last Thursday with a maximum temperature of 12C !!!)

Hope he likes it.

It's in the mail.



  1. Your quilt is beautiful. In my younger years I did a lot of sewing and enjoyed my finished product; for quilting, though, you must enjoy the process as much as the finished product, I think. I definitely don't enjoy much of the process on any sewing project. I do admire those that have the talent and the will, though! Really nice job!

  2. It looks great Helen. Four quilts now too, are there more in the making?
    Yes Thursday, and Saturday too were horrible weatherwise!!!
    Today on the other hand is perfect, nice and warm and lots of blue sky.

  3. How could he not? Like it I mean. It's beautiful and I am in awe of everyone who can make such beautiful creations having managed a couple of cushion covers and decided it was just too difficult for me (maybe that should read "that I just don't have the patience for this"!)

  4. design-as-you-go-to-try-and-avert-disaster sort of quilt

    hee hee I like it!

    Its grim here in England, with stiff wind and 12' not seasonal for June at all!

  5. I think it's lovely Helen, and Im sure he'll love it. Especially since it's apparently a snuggling, cuddling quilt.

    Pstttt...my first few mitred bindings looked very ordinary. I now consider myself an expert. Im sure yours looks wonderful!

  6. Well if Brett doesn't like it, send it on down here - cause I do :-)
    Welcome home Helen. Your trip and postings were wonderful. Created quite a large longing to visit with me :-)

  7. Lovely quilt! Looks perfect for snuggling.

  8. Helen
    I have been trying to dip in on your visits to the UK. One thing and another here time has been limited. So glad you have arrived back home safely and I'm pleased you have enjoyed your visit.
    This quilt of yours Helen is gorgeous. Now the question is what do you prefer sewing? knitting or crocheting?

    Hugs to you

  9. Thanks so much for the nice comment, made me smile. Glad you enjoyed the photos. This quilt is so beautiful... I can see all of the work and time that went into it. (Nothing that china-made stuff can show!)