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Monday, June 20, 2011


A little bit of craft work has been happening since we returned from our holidays.
It's nice to be able to sit and crochet in the cooler weather.
I am feeling the love with crochet now and getting better and more confident but I find it difficult to follow patterns without assistance.

This little rug in my favourite colours is going to be for me.
I'm going to put it at the end of my bed on top of my quilt.


I've been trying to crochet some squares for Mrs Twins' SIBOL quilts.
Changing colours is a bit of a pain with all these ends.
Don't think I could stand to do a whole rug this way - yet anyway!


Hope they are good enough.



  1. Glad you are enjoying your crochet. Your squares will be fabulous for Mrs Twins SIBOL quilts. I sent her some an age ago and thought my efforts weren't too good as I was a newbie to crochet at the time. She loved them and I saw them in one of her blankets. So don't worry, they'll be fab.
    Anne xx

  2. Hi Helsie,
    I'll say your crocheting is coming along! I love your blue, white and yellow granny throw. Very well done. I'm making a small pillow cover in white and blue since I finished my Muddy Waters throw. We have five days of rain forecasted starting tomorrow. Well, at least I won't have to water my flower boxes.

  3. Nice work with the crochet. Love your cushions, any tips for quilting/patchwork for a complete newbie - books/mags etc

  4. It all looks excellent to me Helen and I am sure Mrs Twins will love those squares. Did you make that lovely crazy patchwork cushion cover? I enjoy crazy patchwork myself - maybe it's Freudian and I am crazy perhaps!

  5. Your crochet is really going ahead isn't it. I'm going to have to get back into crocheting, I haven't done much at all in the last few months.
    Sue will love your squares.

  6. You clever thing! And I thought crochet was a game played with mallets and balls by toffs and royalty... "Oh jolly good shot Helsie dear...and which colony did you say you were from? Australia? Is that somewhere near Africa?"

  7. I think your crochet looks wonderful. Im sure the SIBOL project will be happy to take your contributions. I tired crochet when Marg came to stay and havent touched it since. Not one of my talents! I think I'll have to start knitting a blanket out of all the wool I bought expecting to be a crochet genius!

  8. Very pretty projects! Love the colors you ar working with.