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Monday, June 6, 2011


As you will have gathered I  love  England.

There are lots of reasons why.

I am a bit of a tree freak and one of the best things about England is the trees.
( Yes, that's me hugging that tree ! Isn't it HUGE ? )

All of these trees are new to me as I come from a warm place where none of these types grow but I can now recognise these favourites:


 I love them all.

I love how huge they grow.

I love how they are used to form a frame and windbreak.

They come in different colours.

They line the roads.

They line the paths.

Everyone enjoys their shelter.

My favourite is the green tunnels they form with the bright green light filtering through the leaves.

They beckon you to go a little further...

see what's round the bend.....

take time out for a stroll and listen to the birds,

and just explore.

They line the banks of streams and rivers.

Some are absolutely ancient.

Some only just allow your car to pass through.

And even when they lose their leaves ....

 ...... they are absolutely beautiful.
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  1. What a lovely post and that pic of you and Tony taking a stroll is great! Glad you love England as it means you will come back someday!

  2. I must say England is so leafy and green compared to here. I think I love all those trees too!

  3. England is so pretty especially this time of year, love your photos, i just returned from a trip to europe, and i will be going back to england, it is very beautiful. I enjoyed reading your posts of your trip, and welcome home to sunny qld!

  4. Hi Helen, I have to go back through your posts I've missed, while I was away.
    Love the gorgeous photos of the trees. That's the one thing about Qld, the lack of big very old deciduous trees. They are so beautiful aren't they.

  5. I totally agree with you!

    If you ever visit Chatsworth Hall in Derbyshire there are some 1000 year old oaks in the grounds! And have you seen our trees in autumn?!!

  6. Beautiful! We were there a few months ago...and loved it. But I must say the trees look better with leaves!

  7. Wow! Great photos! Trees are beautiful indeed. Great post.

  8. Hello Helen, I found your blog from a comment left on 'Ramblings of a Roachling'.
    You're obviously having a fabulous time here in the UK. I love your post as I think the trees are pretty special too :o)
    I'll be back to visit you again - enjoy the rest of your holiday...
    Best wishes
    Rose H

  9. Helen, what great tree pictures - I must admit I love "tree tunnels" especially when the dappled light fights its way through. A lovely post x