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Monday, August 2, 2010


Do you ever cook pork belly?

It seems to be the " in " ingredient with cooking shows.

It was the ingredient chosen by the winner of MasterChef this year.

I was in a cooking mood and we were having family over for dinner on Saturday
so I thought I'd give it a try for a starter.

 I bought pork rashers that were like this ......

and cooked them three times -
boiled for 15 minuted in vinegar and water,
fried them off to brown them ,
then cooked them in a soy sauce and pineapple glaze.

but there was still too much  fat  for our liking.

What do you think of pork belly?



  1. It used to be one of my mother's staples as it was cheaper than other meat - I didn't like it much as like you I thought it too fatty. I noticed the thickness of your rashers and laughed as ours would be about half that thickness. My daughter was telling me how difficult she was finding it being a vegetarian and how much meat the people where she is seem to eat!

    Vive la difference!


  2. looks good Helen - but not for me - spare-ribs is about my pork limit!!!

  3. Can't get enough of it! It is just sooooo tasty,
    BUT, as I'm on a diet, it is banned for the time being. The reason it is being pushed is because it has never been very popular. A cheap and fatty food for the poor. It won't be long before all the other good tasty cheap offal (hearts, oxtail, liver etc) becomes the latest fad. The bad news for us lovers of offal, is that up goes the price! :(

  4. I have never tried pork belly - in fact - I don't recall ever noticing it at the supermarket. I buy country ribs and cook them in the crock pot - the longer the better they are.

  5. My Grandmother would often use pork belly like things in cooking up collard greens and beans (also the jowls). I assume pork belly would impart alot of flavor, well one of these days it may be worth a try. Enjoy the day, Helen.

  6. I haven't tried it but it looks good Helen. These days I seem to be going off meat a little but I think my bro has cooked belly of pork successfully. Well done to you for the three times cooking!!! x

  7. It looks delicious Helen, but sadly I'm not one for meat.....
    Hugs Suex

  8. Your words are too kind today. My family has had a rough weekend with my Autistic nephew,(16) who had two major seizures while my Mom was back East visiting. He has not had one in over three years. But, we are on 72 hours now free from the scare and he is doing much better. So, I became very introspective, but feel I'm returning to my bubbly self as the day is coming to an end here and dinner is on the table. I just felt I should post something, but didn't want to post all the details. But, I feel I can let a few of you who are my good friends know.

    I will be back before the week is out,

    Thank you again for all your sweet words,

  9. It seems to be the 'in' thing in Britain too, in recent years. I have had it once and hated it. It was too fatty and very tough. Maybe it was cooked wrong. All the top chefs are doing it and charging a lot for it, which is nonsense as I believe it's a budget cut. They seem to leave it in a whole thick slice, cooked slowly, and serve it fat side up in a posh sauce.
    I hate fat and pull the rind off bacon and ham, and all the other little strips inside it too. Belly pork is too much tough work for me, cuttiing away all the little layers. It would be stone cold before I started eating it.