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Monday, August 23, 2010


Oops, I nearly missed it!
Kate, of The Garden Bell fame, noticed on the weekend that it was a year since I began blogging.
I had forgotten !!

Let me just say that in the last year I have come to "know" many of you and consider you friends.
Each day I look forward to visiting your blogs and "talking" with you.

I've enjoyed taking a peep into your lives all over the world,
sharing your joys and your worries.

I've been inspired by you,
encouraged by you,
even had an occasional rant to you.

I've shown you a glimpse of life in Oz like this,


or this

shared recipes like this

boasted about my handwork like this  

and taken you on holidays with me like this

It's been a WONDERFUL experience.

I look forward to many more shared experiences with ALL of you



  1. Congratulatiuons Helsie. I did forget my anniversary so will have to keep going for another year now before I celebrate.


  2. Happy Blogiversary. That's quite a milestone you've achieved there. Congratulations.

  3. Happy blog birthday Helsie and long may it continue!


  4. Congratulations Helen - and one more outcome - you inspired me to start blogging - thanks!

  5. I for one am looking forward to our next year together. Hard to believe it's been one whole year for us now. And totally agree with each and everyone of your sweet words. You are so wise my friend.


  6. Congrats on making the year!!! It has been so enjoyable

  7. Congratulations on your one year anniversary! Glad I found you all the way across the world!

  8. Well done Helen, and with over 5700 hits, that's over a hundred visitors per week. :)
    Thanks for your comments on mine this morning.
    (I often wonder if, in addition to my 'faithful few' I get as many readers? - I doubt it)

  9. Congratulations Helsie. A busy year I think!
    Louise x

  10. Congrats on your one-year blogiversary! Thanks for taking us along on your journeys and jaunts and giving us a peek into your life.

  11. Happy 1st Blog Anniversary Helsie! You're a very special friend and I'm so glad we met. I'm looking forward to our next year together.

  12. Gosh doesn't time fly!
    Mine is Sept 9th.
    Hugs Suex