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Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Imagine the fright I got when I went to hang clothes on the line and  this  was looking over the side fence at me !!!

I thought I was in Africa !!

It's a  HUGE  garden ornament !

Just look at those eyelashes !

This is what you see from the front yard.

Mother and baby giraffe !!

Different ???



  1. What the?
    Could they have found anything bigger?

  2. Certainly is - different that is!! Makes garden gnomes look a bit silly doesn't it?!

    Jane x

  3. Don't they think of the neighbors before planting something that HUGE in their yard!!! I guess you could plant a tree if you didn't want to look at it everyday. Very strange indeed.

  4. Oh its very pretty! here in England, a farmer has a full size camel statue in his field near the motorway. Holiday makers do a double-take when they spy him browsing the hedgerow :D

  5. Do you seriously have to look at this forever.... Icks....We have rules about this kind of thing over here. Like yard art can't be taller than the house. It's cool, but....

  6. Whew! Gargantuan... Maybe it will grow on you.

  7. Oh my goodness! Lovely in the right place, but not so sure about 'just over the garden fence'. Have a good weekend and try to bond with the giraffe. Ros

  8. Cripes! no wonder you had a scare! Can't decide if I like them or not - I think I do - but they are not in the right place next to your back yard! x

  9. Folks,
    They are not bigger than the house - that's just an optical illusion. The mother is about 10 foot tall and the baby about 5 foot so not QUITE as bad as it looks in the photo

  10. Wonderful!!! But I would have hated to try and bring them home. I do love the eyelashes

  11. Well it will certainly take some getting used to, but kinda cute!

  12. Well...I am glad I stopped by...I have been bitching and moaning on my blog about my neighbors recent shenanigans.....but this takes the cake for sure....

  13. I think your giraffes beat ours! Though I think I prefer ours...