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Wednesday, August 18, 2010


This is step two in my crochet journey.

I found the instructions on Attic24's tutorial.
Even managed to master the "bobble" stitch !

They were a bit "wonky" but I saw from several blogs that I must block them into shape by pinning them so this I did on my ironing board.

Thank goodness for all my blogland mates !

Now before I can crochet them together I need to do something with all those ends !!!!



  1. Lovely Helsie and you've done wwll there! Sewing in the ends is always a bind and makes you wish you'd made one big square!! I am sure it will be great when you have finished and you can be really proud of your new skill!

    JAne x

  2. Your granny squares look fabulous. Sewing those ends in is such a chore. I always put it off.

  3. Helen, your squares are coming along brilliantly well done and you sound like you are really enjoying it! Sewing in the ends is always a pain - you need a good dvd, and a cup of coffee and cake - this will help immensely!! x

  4. great job, i love your colors, sewing in the ends is always a real job, i always save for last and do them all at once.

  5. You are doing great. I always find that when it comes time to sew in those little ends, it becomes a treasure as I know I'm near the end. I have tried the hook in as you go on the grannies, it's so worth the time sewing in, as the other way I find it is not as clean and then they tend to pop out later.

    Thanks for the update of the WIP,

  6. Thanks for calling on me, Helsie. The pink flowers are willow herb - there are several varieties - rose bay, lesser and giant.

  7. I know it's too late now, but...... next time hold the ends across the back of your work and enclose them with your crochet stitches as you go. You'll be really glad you did!

    I'm so pleased you are enjoying your crochet Helsie. Blocking is certainly the way to go to get a professional looking finish. Have fun.

    Sue x

  8. Your efforts will pay off big time - this will be so pretty!

  9. Great work Helen. I hope you are enjoying your hooky time. I'm sure Tony will have come up with a special name for your "Granny time" with the hook

  10. Apologies apologies for being so late getting to you. Your crocheting is coming along beautifully Helen, you must be really proud of yourself, well done!
    Hugs suex