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Monday, August 16, 2010


Are you ready for the second part of our Sunday in sunny Brisbane outing?
If so read on. 
If not, you are excused. See you another day.

After lunch we wound our way through the city streets till we reached the river once again.....

... then boarded a cross river ferry to cross to Southbank.

As we crossed, the Kookaburra Queen passed with her cargo of luncheon passengers enjoying their lunch and cruise along the river in the sunshine.

All around us were people enjoying our lovely Winter weather in our pretty city.

This side of the river is all parkland ......

and there were people lazing in the sun reading the Sunday papers...

as well as picnics and BBQs on the go everywhere.

A few crazy people were climbing the cliffs ....

... which seems to be a very popular activity for reasons that I am unable to fathom !!

The entrance to the Southbank Park was ablaze with colour from the Bougainvillea Walk ...

.. which winds it's way right through the park.

The man-made beach area was a popular destination....

especially with the children and the Life Guard was on duty.

( You can see the river there in the background, )

The markets were in full swing, but from what I could see, were mainly selling beaded necklaces and candles

so we walked on past buskers entertaining the crowds ...

and more open spaces where frisbees seemed to be in full use, while Mums and Dads and grandparents too, sat and chatted in the sunshine

It wasn't long before our CityCat ferry arrived to take us home.

We had spent a lovely five and a half hours and
walked about six kilometres.

A lovely way to spend a lovely day.



  1. Lovely Helsie - thanks for sharing your beautiful city with us. Imagine being able to picnic and playt on the beach in winter!! Amazing - love it.

    Jane x

  2. Good morning Helsie! Wow! What a really beautiful city Brisbane is. I love the warmth and to have WINTER days like that bhere in the UK would be awesome. Thanks for the lovely walk! Ros

  3. It looks a super outing, such a hive of activity. Rain here!!

  4. Looks fantastic Helsie! I so want to visit Australia, it seems so interesting.
    Louise x

  5. Helen, thanks for more great photos. Love the bougainvillea.

  6. Thanks for sharing this Helen. I will be using this as a reference when I'm in Brissie in Nov, when we are not at the cricket that is ☺ Although I have been to QLD numerous times, Brissie was definitely not on my visitor list - till now

  7. A smashing sequence of photos Helen - they tell a story by themselves. Like you, I have never been able to understand why anyone would want to go climbing up rock faces. Just one disappointment with the photos - not a single kangaroo to be seen! I guess they must have been swimming in the billabong.

  8. I felt as though I have walked every step of the way with you Helen!
    Thanks for sharing these beautiful photos!
    Hugs Suex