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Tuesday, August 10, 2010


This is what Tuesday's sky looked like.

It's very unusual for us to have Winter rain....

but overnight we've had 65 mm. !

That's a Winter record for us.......

 .... but it's clearing today and already the grass is greener.

There's a feeling of Spring in the air. ....

The plants think so anyway.

Of course where there's Grevillea flowers, there's Lorikeets.

He was noisily objecting that I was too close !

So we'd better have those Winter casseroles while we can.

Lamb shanks for tea tonight !

We'll be back to salads before you know it.



  1. Oh how different your beginning of Spring looks to ours! It's so good to meet with friends in other climes and to learn about each others countries and lives - I'm loving being shown your country which contrary to what I'd always thought is beautiful in its own way. Thank you Helsie for showing me!

    Hope you enjoyed your casserole?

    Jane x

  2. Looks like fairly typical August weather to me! That's exactly what my family have been 'enjoying' whilst camping in Cornwall -no lorikeets though.

  3. Thank you for visiting my blog today! I thought I'd pop over and have a look at yours.

    Not being all that conversant with the metric system, I nearly had a heart attack reading about all the rain you had. Then I realized I had misread 65mm as 65cm.

    But what are the beautiful yellow flowers behind your masthead called? Gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the heads up of what we are heading into here. I feel FALL in the air already and I for one am not looking forward to those gray skies. I, so, do love to see your colorful birdies, it amazing that they are just flying around your area.

    Yum, what time was dinner, again?


  5. I like those bottle brush plants, I dont know what they are called but thats what they look like :D
    Our sky here in England looked much the same yesterday- we were eating beef stew and it's meant to be our SUMMER ha ha

  6. rhymeswithplague :
    The plant is the Wattle. It is Australia's national flower.
    We do have plants we call Bottle Brush but these are called Grevilleas. I'll try to take a photo of a Bottle Brush for you. They'll all be flowering soon

  7. I have a bright red bottle brush - very pretty they are too. Can't believe you are looking forward to Summer already and we ---- are not looking forward to winter! x

  8. Hi Helen - you've been having some weather too! At least the flowers have been enjoying the rain. Dinner looks good..........

  9. Already started with the salads, my test growing of a lettuce bowl has been doing rather well
    Very sunny and slightly warm today, but extremely windy, was so..... cold yesterday

  10. That sky is like the sky in a British August. It's much the same as the sky I am looking at now. 6.5cm of rain in a night? That's loads! Again, it sounds like Britain!