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Wednesday, August 25, 2010


I love going to the movies.
I like all sorts of movies....
love stories,
historical dramas,
contemporary dramas,
even some action films.

Not many westerns
or war movies
or movies with lots of violence.

I love a good story ....
uplifting, ....
that makes me feel good...
smiling as I leave the theatre.

So on Monday we decided to go to the movies as you can when you have retired.
Just out of the blue we threw on some decent clothes and off we went
to see this movie.

About a ghost writer who is allocated a month to turn the drab memoirs of former British PM Adam Lang (Pierce Brosnan) into a riveting page turner.

The main star was Ewan McGregor who played the ghost writer who was never named in the film ( odd?)

and the film was directed by Roman Polanski (he's obviously odd - and possibly twisted !!!)

The film was based on Robert Harris' best-selling book, 'THE GHOST' which caused a fuss when it was published because of the obvious similarities between the fictional Adam Lang and Britain's former PM, TONY BLAIR.

Well I didn't leave the cinema smiling or feeling uplifted.
It was a very dark and brooding film -
all grey and colourless
rain, wind, grey concrete bunker-like house, brooding seas,
full of gathering suspense.

Not bad
but not that good either.



  1. That sounds an intriguing film - if it was set in UK which I am imagining it must be let me tell you it's really not all grey and colourless nor is it all wind and rain here although today it is exactly that! I must look out for this film then we can compare notes!

    Many thanks for your kind comment on my blog - I am feeling much better now I have got it off my chest and with all those kind bloggers rooting for me how could I not!

    Jane x

  2. Oh no Jane I know the UK is far from grey and colourless,it's just the opposite and it never rains when I visit (and I've visited 3 times now !!)
    The film apparently was shot in Germany as Roman Polanski cannot enter the USA without getting thrown in jail! It was supposed to be set somewhere in the USA on an island off the coast. I assumed it must be supposed to be off the coast of New England somewhere. Very atmospheric !!

  3. This wasn't on my "I must see this " list and most definitely isnt now! Sounds like the kind of movie Mr. P would get from the DVD store.

    Thanks for the review. I rarely see anything movie wise that I love these days. (Am I getting old and crocehty and difficult to please? I think I am ! )

  4. Cannot beat a good Clint Eastwood western !

  5. I like a sad film.
    I just love the Notebook,
    Love Suex
    Hope all is good with you Helen.

  6. Thanks for the review. I was wondering about this one. We are so far behind on movies we must do the same and get out of the house. But, that's usually a winter thing for us, like I guess you are doing now. It's still considered winter there, right?

    We did just rent "the girl with the dargon tatoo"... loved the book and the movie, even thought we listened to it dubbed in English.


  7. Great to read your review. We seem to have fallen out of the habit of cinema going. For quite a while we went twice a month. Sometimes, work and other stuff takes over and this seems to be the case with us at the moment. Ros

  8. I went to see it recently, and yes it was very dark, dreary and grey. The house that it was set in was so cold and stark, I can't believe someone would ever want to live in something like that. In fact I found I spent most of the time during the scenes shot in the house, looking at the set and not the actors, as it was so distracting. I think the most disappointing part of the movie was the ending. After saying all that I still think it was ok, and Ewan McGregor is nice as a bit of eye candy.

  9. Thanks Helsie for your response to my comment. I followed your suggestion re a chat with my daughter and got hold of her (always difficult to achieve!) and had brief chat just now - she is fine so all is well in my little world!


  10. The hubsters and I don't go to the cinema much and it's all because of me! I admit that as soon as it gets dark and the movie begins, I promptly fall asleep! It doesn't matter if it's a comedy, drama, or action film.

    Hmm, maybe I need more rest!

    Hubsters will probably like this movie.

  11. Hi Helen, I must find time to go to the cinema more - I do love it when I go - and is always a good excuse to eat sweets!!!!! This film does sound dark though - I may wait for this to come out on DVD! x

  12. I was wondering about going to see this film at the cinema when it was out recently - good to read your review. I have to be in the mood for these 'dark' films.

    I saw Toy Story 3 at the weekend with my niece and her two girls (5 and 7) - I enjoyed it as much as they did. Great fun!