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Tuesday, August 16, 2011


To me, it's officially the start of Spring when the scent of Jasmin fills the air.

It only takes this little vase full to fill my whole house with the lovely perfume .....

and my lovely cold-night-air-loving cyclamen is adding a lovely splash of colour to the garden room.



  1. Pretty Jasmine, and cyclamen
    Julie xxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I love Jasmine. It always reminds me of balmy warm nights . The scent carries for miles.

  3. Jasmine is beautiful, especially when it is allowed to "climb"... When I lived in Florida, it was left to go wild at the house we purchased, and climbed along our fence and the carport. We cut and cut, but it was still overwhelming when it was blooming!

  4. I do adore the fact that as we start to put the summer away, send the kids back to school, pack up those planters for another season... that you all are just starting. Remember, we will want to see many flowers and all your greenery in the coming monthes. I can smell the jasmine now....

  5. Spring for me is daffodils. But I do love jasmine and gardenia's for their beautiful scent. Love the cyclamen, must get me one

  6. I can just imagine it. A beautiful smell. If I could grow jasmine I would have it.
    Here, the leaves started to turn yellow, orange and brown a few weeks ago. Autumn is round the corner.