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Monday, August 8, 2011


The thing about making new friends over the blogging world is that you only know the "me" that I show you.
So here's a little bit more information about the real me.

It's just a quirky little foible in my personality.

Yes, it's to do with washing.

No, I don't wear Tony's PJs !!!

You already know I hate house work so I'm not a compulsive cleaner !

It's pegs - clothespegs !

They have to match !

So, whenever I peg anything up on the clothesline,
 ( or in a display in my classroom in my teaching days )
the pegs have to match on each item.

Slows you down a little when you peg out the washing but having all your pegs the same colour is no fun at all.

There you have it.
Another shade of colour to add to your picture of me.


PS.  A little add on to my previous post. Here's a fun little youtube video the students of  BGGS have made.


  1. I guess we all have some little quirks which others rarely get to know about - mine are to do with washing and toilet rolls! When I take in a dry item from the line I feel compelled to tidy up what's left so as not to have odd gaps and if I see a toilet roll hung with the paper coming off at the back rather than the front I feel the need to change it to the correct way round (I did once meet someone else who confessed to this latter quirk though!) It's not as though I am a particularly houseproud or tidy person either - weird eh?!! Thanks for sharing this titbit with us.

  2. Ha I used to be like that, but now I don't care. I do however like to have a nice combination of colour pegs and they do have to be all the same type.
    I change the toilet paper around too Jane, it has to come from the front, lol!

  3. I'm like that with drawing pins!

  4. I guess we all have our "things". I must confess while not into the same colour pegs, I have very definite ideas about where things should go on the line.

    Im quirky about a ton of things.

    Marg - was my loo paper the right way around when you visited?

  5. Ha, I don't get this at all. But then being in sunny old england my washing hardly ever makes it outside to dry!

  6. Ha ha! That's hilarious! I must say though.... that I once had a mixture of wooden and plastic, and the items had to be either all wooden or all plastic. I didn't like mixing them. I think all the plastic have broken now and I am back to all wood.
    Oh heck, I like tho loo paper from the front too and if hubby puts it on wrong I have to change it.
    I am sure I have others too, definitely, I just can't think of them right now.

  7. I knew that about you already. Maybe, it's because I'm the same way. What I didn't know is that Tony has the love of crazy boxers.....he-he....

    Time has gotten away. I'm in travel agent mode as we having to change our OCT. plans this year. We shall see where we end up within a state or two, as this is the driving trip. I don't think I've totally lost my travel agent mojo, but I am picker as we get older.


  8. Well I think we all have ways of doing things. It's okay with me Helen. x

  9. Hi, Helen! Thanks for commenting today and for reading! Nice to know you are there. Thought I'd come over and say hi and have a look around your blog too. Isn't blogging just wonderful? I have made so many new friends all over the world. It just wouldn't have been possible without blogland!

    A BIG hug from me in Texas to you in Australia!

  10. So funny! I have to admit...it wouldn't make a bit of difference for me, as I haven't hung clothes on the line in about, ooohhhh....39 years! No kidding!

  11. Oh, thank goodness I'm NOT the only one! LOL :o)

  12. I'll still come and visit you, don't you worry. Mind you, not too sure about Tony' pjs!!

  13. Dear Helen,
    Regarding your peg obsession, please lie down on my couch while I count to ten. You are getting sleepy, sleepy. We are going back to your first memories of clothes pegs...when your mother pegged you up in the kitchen whenever you were naughty - which was very often... And when I snap my fingers you will wake up and your insane clothes peg obsession will be gone!...
    The invoice is in the post!

  14. Ha ha! I do that too!!!! AND when I put new towels out folded in the bathrooms, the labels have to be on the inside. Hmmm> Ros