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Monday, August 29, 2011


This morning , as  happens every morning at the moment, I was woken by the birds.

There is a lot of bird action in my backyard at the moment because all the Grevilleas are flowering
and that means Lorikeets - lots of them!!

I tried to get some photos of the birds from our top terrace but with my zoom this was all I could do.

and even though the Lorikeets are very brightly covered they are difficult to make out in the photos.
(click to enlarge. There are about 4 of them in this photo)

In fact there are birds in all of these photos. I just can't zoom in close enough!

I need a camera with a better zoom !!!

This is the type of flower that they love. It's full of nectar and they are having a feast.

Since we were up and around at a reasonable hour we decided to zip into town on the bus and visit the Art Gallery where there is an exhibition that Tony was keen to see.
It's by the photographer Henri Cartier Bresson and is called
"The Man, the Image & the World "
On the way to the gallery we walked past the museum through this passageway.

These lifesize models of whales were swimming above us and a recording of their "singing" was playing.
Absolutely fantastic!

The exhibition was very good. We decided on a light bite of lunch here at the gallery

It must be lovely under this tree when it is in full leaf in the heat of Summer.

Then we were on the bus and home just in time as the first of the Spring thunderstorms began rolling in.

Time to batten down the hatches.

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  1. How lovely to have such brightly coloured birds in your garden make our little brown birds look a bit tame don't they? Our most colourful bird is seldom seen - the kingfisher - and although we do have woodpeckers (green and red) and magpies (subtle blueish black and white) most of our birds are of more sombre hue. Glad you got indoors before the rains came and that you had enjoyed the exhibition and lunch out.

  2. Those grevilleas look so pretty, the colours are gorgeous. How nice for the birds to have a lovely breakfast.
    The gallery looks very nice and it's good to hear you had a nice day out.
    Stay dry,
    Anne xx

  3. So, here's what I think..... Tony reads your blog and you are dropping a hint here. At least that's they way I work. Camera lens are always at the top of the list here in my garden. In fact, I was just rambling on and dropping the wide angle hints this week for the bday in Sept.

    Thanks for the tip that all that white was new. I was wondering how it looked so gr888.

  4. The gallery sounds great and I love that tree! I always wish I had better zoom!

  5. I culd make out the birds Helsie, by zooming in on my computer, how exotic!!

  6. Great shots even if you don't have enough zoom. Very pretty birds, I'd want close ups too if I lived there. My Guy does a lot of bird photography for one of the wildlife groups we belong to. He was complaining that he couldn't get close enough to get good shots of the birds. For Father's Day last year, I got him a Tameron 200-500 mm zoom. He quit complaining (Maybe Tony will take notes).