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Thursday, August 11, 2011


Here it is Friday again!
The week seems to have sped by. Being retired can be such a busy time.... and I love it !

It's time to link up with Shay from Quilting in My Pyjamas for
Favourite Things Friday.

Come on over and join in the fun.

Today my favourite thing is the


Now just at the moment it is still pretty cold at night here.
We've had a lovely cold Winter this year.
So when it gets to tea-time  ..... around 7:00pm ........the temperature drops to about 15 C
and it's quite cold outside.

But we love to barbeque.......

and it's been  soooo long ...........

so, on Wednesday night, Tony rugged up and braved the elements

to barbeque our dinner !

and it was lovely.

Here he is in his Queensland Winter barbeque gear.
Sorry no more photos of the food that night
but here's a couple of other photos when we've done more exotic barbeques !!!


and the finished product !



Correction: To my horror I was just reading through a previous post about Wattle where I stated it was known as Mimosa. This is definitely not the case. It is an Acacia !!!
Very big Senior moment I'm afraid!


  1. I have become a blog SUPER STAR !

  2. I LOVE barbecues. They remind me of summer and yummy food. That ham looks amazing!

    Yep- I agree with Tony - while the food looks delicious - he IS the star of this post. He cooked barbecue in the cold and with a beanie no less!

    Thanks for linking up to FTF and sharing this one. It's inspired me to hand Mr. P a beanie and a plate of uncooked meat for tea tonight.

    Had to laugh at your 15 degree temps at 7pm. We're lucky if it hits 15 here during the day!

  3. Cheers to Tony for braving the elements....us little sunbaked babes up here in Queensland are not used to the cold so 15 degrees is heading for chilly. Your ham looks devine and we love our 'barbies' too. Especially a barbeque breakfast with pineapple and bacon and hash browns and mushrooms...I'm making myself hungry! Great FTF.

  4. Have to laugh at Tony in his wooly hat in 15 degrees! It is apparently 16 degrees here this morning and I have opened the doors and windows as we feel it warm - later on we are promised 20 degrees and we will be outside in our tee-shirts!! This is one of the things I find so interesting about blogging - how different our perceptions can be and yet how much alike we all are too. Hope you enjoyed your supper - did you sit outside to eat it or bring it indoors in the warm?!!

  5. Good heavens Jane it was much too cold to sit outside !!! My good friend ( who is English) told me that when it's 18 in Englang in Summer it's a different 18 - much warmer - and she was right. Don't know why but when it's 18 over there it doesn't feel half as cold as it does when it's 18 here

  6. I agree with Jane, its just what we are use to!
    I got excited because it was going to be 21 on Sunday!!

  7. And you think the Brits are mad, barbecuing in the rain? You barbecue in the cool and in the dark! Well, well, the average Brit barbecuer would be far too cautious to attempt a big thing like a joint. That is a joint, isn't it? See, it can be done. Well done. Brits are scared about that cooked-on-the-oustide-raw-on-the-inside thingy. A bit of knowledgeable barbie-ing and confidence is all that's needed.

  8. Tony's woolly hat looks so cool! It must have been fashioned by a top designer. I bet the other middle aged ladies (and some blokes) in your neighbourhood swoon when they see him in that hat. I guess he'll be in Sydney for "The Long Weekend" 30 Sept - 3rd Oct.

  9. Tony's expertise has made me very hungry! Stopping in from Shay's FTF. Happy weekend!

  10. Hmm 15 at night, I don't find that too cold but 5 is what we had the other night and that's seriously beanie, scarf and wool lined boots weather.
    I love barbies too, and I've just bought a new Weber Q despite saying I would never buy one of them. It's the best thing since sliced bread!!!!!

  11. That's pretty chilly to be out on the grill. Tony looks to be a good sport about it and dinner did look yummy.