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Monday, August 1, 2011


There's a new hooky project on the go here.

I started off with just these three colours but the result was pretty dull and dreary.

Off to the store again to pick up a light cream.
I was keen to get going and see if that would solve the problem.

What a difference it made !

I'm hoping I will get it finished before the weather warms up too much but there is still a long way to go.



  1. It looks great Helsie! It definitely needed the cream to pop. Well done!

  2. The cream definitely lifts it doesn't it? Looking good and makes me want to have a go too - one like that would be brilliant for cooler days at yoga!

  3. So much prettier with the lighter colour added.

  4. I love the addition of the cream to your granny. Have fun!
    Anne xx

  5. THe cream definitely made all the difference. It's looking good.

  6. What's Tony doing while you spend hour after hour crocheting? I bet you've got him in his pinafore, ironing clothes, cooking, waiting on you hand and foot - the archetypal Australian bloke!

  7. WOWza. You are doing a great job. It's like the hook has been in your hands forever.

    Hook on and send some cool weather this way.

  8. The cream was definitely needed.It looks great.do you crochet watching TV?

  9. It looks gorgeous with the cream in there. I do think that colour combo is one of your personal favourites.

    I know you haven't been crocheting long but honestly I think you have a gift!

  10. Very pretty! The cream was a good choice. It looks like you've made good progress,you must be very fast with the needles.