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Sunday, June 20, 2010


After a pretty cold Winter's night when the temperature went down to around 5 degrees, Sunday 's sky was bright blue and the forecast was for 24 degrees so we set off for the Petrie Sunday Markets.

These markets are held in the old historical village at Petrie on the northern fringe of Brisbane about a one hour drive from home.

The reserve is dotted with old pioneer buildings( wooden ) and the stalls are scattered throughout the site.


There were the usual stalls ........

plants ........

colourful whirly-gigs for the kids

The old Bakery

with the old wood fired ovens at the back still going strong .......

baking these goodies.

All sorts of goodies in this little shop

Old pioneer residences tucked among the trees.

Some pretty vintage stuff ....


All in all a great place to stroll around in the sunshine.

More tomorrow.



  1. Wish we had winter days like that! Sounds an interesting place to visit. Did you buy another teapot for your collection? That pretty wicker cot with the cushions is lovely as are the china pieces and I'd be up for 10 mins massage for $10!

    Look forward to seeing more.


  2. What a wonderful place
    Julie xxxx

  3. OOh I want to go in that little shop! and I want a whirly gig too, they're not just for kids LOL

  4. 24 deg in the Winter sounds pretty good to me, it's warmer than our Summer day today. Looks like a great place to mooch around, I'd be snapping up the French enamel jugs. Did you make a purchase?

    Kate x

  5. That little cafe had sausage rolls
    and MUSHY PEAS!
    You can't get much more English than Mushy peas! Although we have them with our Fish'n Chips. Yummy! :)

  6. KD
    We have things called "pie floaters". You lift the top (lid) off the pie and put mushy peas in there then put the 'lid' back on then you put more peas in a bowl,sit the pie on top and "bob's your uncle"
    At these markets you just have the peas under the lid of your pie.

  7. What a pretty little village. I must keep this in mind for a trip. When are the markets on?

  8. It looks a lovely place to look around. Loved the pies and ...were they sausage rolls?

  9. What a fun town. I could spend hours here.

    By the way, thanks for changing your profile so your first picture shows up on my blogroll. Much easier to spot you now. Did you know the first picture in your posting is the one that shows up.